Free Mouth Friday XI: Struggle In SpreadQuarters

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Free Mouth Friday XI

SpreadQuarters had never witnessed such an act like personal injury attorney Tommy Badeaux exercising a free mouth by calling his own shot. Who the fuck even analyzes this circus like that?

HTM Undressed 119
“Free Mouth Friday XI”

Want honesty?

Most of this talent would get thrown out of a Metairie tavern.

Name That Tune.
The death to all holders.

Surely wouldn’t warrant a fucking cover charge.

Don’t get me started on the inability for holders to name three B97ish songs in a row to win free mayo.

Total NTT Winners in 11 episodes? ONE.

HTM Undressed 96

PI Care Pack?

With that being said, Tommy Badeaux had a take. He was even willing to give away what he calls a “personal injury care package” on top of the mayo that the winner already receives.

Sheesh, think this guy loved TRL & Carson Daly? Prolly. But, this is where things get very interesting.

“Ben said he’s out.”

  • Yes, the burger man didn’t show.

“Seth is stoned in Grande Isle.”

WOW, the council 2/2.

“Lionel is a broom.”

“Don’t like Reapers style.”

  • Well, neither does Reaper as he didn’t show.

“No way Turni goes back to back.”

  • That’ll bring us to the results…
Northshore News
Adam Turni

Free Mouth Awards

Badeaux must have called the Lafourche Sister Cleo before HTM Undressed last night. Incredible set of predictions by the attorney.

F.M.F XI Results

  1. Todd From Westbank (2x)
    – Courage Award.
    – Performer of Night Award.
    – Pure freestyle ftw.
  2. Adam Turni
    – F.M.F XI Run It Up Award.
    – Northshore, $30 a G!
  3. Lil Skittle
    – Jacksonville Beach?
    – Best Reference Award.
    – Mentions Elon Musk, House of Cards.

Honorable Mention: Craig Granger (Folk Song)

F.M.F Power Bars

  1. Ben Collier +0
  2. The Reaper +0
  3. Adam Turni +0
  4. Todd From WB +1
  5. Sid Vicious -1
  6. Seth Beer (HIGH AF)
  7. Brady Morgan +1
  8. Keith Daigle -1
  9. Lil Skittle +2 N/R prev.
  10. Lionel -1 (couldn’t get through)

See you assholes tomorrow.


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