Free Mouth Friday XIII Results & Winner

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HTM Undressed 126: Free Mouth Friday XIII Results

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the Free Mouth Friday XIII winner wasn’t decided in a day either. This shit takes time and throws an incredible wrench in my day. Imagine building a company then stopping to listen to a bunch of assholes try to stay in rhythm.

HTM Undressed 126
Free Mouth Friday XIII

Free Mouth Tragedy

Before we get to the holder that was chosen as the 13th ever F.M.F. champion, I’d like to mention that we still have only one name that tune winner. That means only ONE soul has named three car radio songs in a row with the artist included.


Incredible durability on these fellas.

I’m at the point to where I truly don’t think we will ever see a winner come through SpreadQuarters on this game.

HUGE issue on our hands.

Debacle In SQ

Honestly almost didn’t pick a winner. Just didn’t feel the bars really come through last Friday night. Maybe the name that tune fuckery got to my head. However, the title must change hands.

Free Mouth Friday XII Winner

F.M.F. XII Performer of The Night

Keith Dardis(Freestyle Performance)

“Dardis in the house bout to stunt on you suckers. I’m coming at ya hard like a hockey pucka. Better put on ya lotion and glasses for once, cause I’m hotter than a Christmas carol basking in the sun.”


Undeniable Performances

Adam Turni

“This the kid from Chalmette shoes on power lines.”

Otis Jedding

“I might toot me up a line, I might roll me up a jay. Now I sound like Webbie how he can’t say Charlamagne.”

Power Bars

  1. The Reaper +0
  2. Adam Turni +1
  3. Ben Collier -1
  4. Todd From WB +0
  5. Seth Beer +0
  6. Sid Vicious +0
  7. Keith Daigle +1
  8. Lionel -1
  9. Keith Dardis +1
  10. Brady Morgan -1 (DQ’d)

Fucka Hurricane,

Lawd willing… we will be back Friday to rendezvous.


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