Free Mouth Friday XIV: Juicy J, So Gah Damn High

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Free Mouth Folktale Juicy J

Free Mouth Friday XIV got ya buddy feeling SO Gah Damn High and Trippy Mane. Nobody has a better chance of having ya break ya neck while a beat slaps in 2020 than the king of zips and double cups. The king of Memphis, and having a significant feature. Three 6 Mafia’s heartbeat and the mother fucking check writer.

Juicy J
Gah Damn High!
F.M.F. XIV Folktale

“Bitch I’m fly I got more gas than the airline. Smoke witcha ya hoe get more head than a hair dryer. You can’t drink with me, smoke with me cause we ain’t the same kind. This shit that I’m smoking got me twisted like gang signs.”

Load IT UP. (2020)


2006Best Original Song

“It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp”

The King Of Collaboration

Gotta imagine all it takes is a trippy text from Juicy J to bring a dope ass feature on board. As shown above, Juicy is face timing the likes of Gary V.

There is levels to this tripping.


  • Chronicles of the Juice Man (2002)
  • Hustle Till I Die (2009)
  • Stay Trippy (2013) Mayo Favorite
  • Rubba Band Business (2017)

Trippy Bangers

  • “Bandz a Make Her Dance”
  • “Show Out”
  • Dark Horse” (Diamond, Platinum)
  • “Ballin”
  • “Twerk” ft. Project Pat
  • “30 Inches” ft. Gucci Mane & Project Pat
  • “Powerglide”
  • “Smokin’ On” w/ Snoop & Wiz
  • “Scholarship” ft. ASAP Rocky
  • “Stay High”
  • “Poppin’ My Collar”

The Hustle Continues

(October 14, 2020)


The 14th edition of the most iconic night the week could ever present is tonight at 10:00. Same location, live from SpreadQuarters. Keith Dardis looks to defend his title after stealing it like highway fucking robbery last Friday night.

F.M.F. XIII Champion

Keith was quoted saying:

“I just felt like nobody cared last Friday. Told my wife that we couldn’t have sex that night and instead it was my time to shine in SpreadQuarters.”

Keith did just that.

Free Mouth Friday XIV
Live From SpreadQuarters
Facebook: Hold The Mayo, 10:00

Name That Tune still has one winner in the history of Free Mouth Friday. That means only one soul in 14 episodes has named three car radio tunes in a row correctly.

Y’all gotta sleep with that. Just like Tommy Badeaux will have to sleep with whoever he chooses to win the whole show tonight.

What the fuck is he talking about?

He’s whiffed the last two weeks.


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