Free Mouth Friday XVI: YES LAWD!!!

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HTM Undressed 134: Free Mouth Friday XVI

The space cadets came in volume on Free Mouth Friday. Doesn’t mean for a second we don’t have something here. If ya told me this is “Cartoons At The Apollo” it would be okay. YES LAWD.

Some of this shit is good in it’s own way…

HTM Undressed 134
Free Mouth Friday XVI

Impact Performers

Craig Granger

“Fries on a Thursday”

*week day themed rap by Craig.

Craig gets compared to Wu-Tang

Lionel Griffin

“I’m like Tommy Badeaux with his bold predictions. But, he don’t know I’m a drug attic when it comes to rapping I got an addiction.

*smoke alarm beeps once


EB UnTubbed

Josh Turner serenade..

*hopes I understand


HTM Undressed 134
Free Mouth Friday XVI

Only three in the history of Free Mouth.

  • Petey The Poet
  • Joe Show
  • Thomas Domingue

Period. Don’t expect change anytime soon.


Also, the Westbank was thin after Seth didn’t show up and Todd doesn’t rap anymore. Sheesh, the effort in that part of town is less than lackluster.


Throwback to the Westbank’s best days.


Reaper was absent last night.
We hope he isn’t in jail.
Reap is a talent.

The 4x champ was a no show.

Free Mouth Friday XVI Winners

The reason I say winners is because best comment in thread won free mayo as well. No need to wait, but here was Tommy Badeaux’s subpar prediction before I release the winners.

Badeaux is now 2/6


Top Performer: Craig Granger

Craig takes home his first Free Mouth Friday Title and in a massive turn of events is molding a gibberish type style that may pay off for him down the road. Maybe this has all been a calculated plan by Granger to let others win until he released a rarity.

Runner Right Up: Lionel Griffin

Lionel probably had the best overall performance tonight, but he was also rapping about the same sorry ass shit. I’m sorry bro, but it’s time to drop some swaggy bars. Tired of hearing you go off and then bring me to a funeral shortly after. Great performance nevertheless and he nearly became a NTT winner.

Most Comical Comment: Eddie Laine III

Third place would’ve went to EB UnTubbed, but we no longer give out third place as of tonight. If ya not first, ya better be second. I’m only saying this to help Lionel feel better about his shortcomings.

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(hold phone up to CPU screen)

Spreadlines will release in morning via mayo blast. So blast ya ass to it.

Full Live Stream from last night. (click here)


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