Free Mouth Friday XVIII: Talent Running Through Door For Mayo

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Free Mouth Friday XVIII

With Free Mouth Friday XVIII just hours away I can’t help but think I’ll be surrounded by a bunch of fucking Coneheads tonight. These fellas are one of a kind creatures.

One of our talents can prolly do this and I’d guess Craig as the one.

The weirdest part about it all is that they really do sometimes make ya bob ya head. All of these gentleman have over exceeded low expectations at least once before.

Whether on performance or name that tune…

  • Lionel (1x champ)
Lionel Griffin
First appearance when he bodied Brady.
  • Craig Granger (1x champ)
  • Keith Dardis (1x champ)
    • name that tune sleeper for me…
  • Seth Beer (1x champ)
The Westbank looks to finally prevail again…
Free Mouth Friday XVIII

I’d safely say that there is no safe prediction for a winner outta those ones I mentioned, including Todd Doucet. That would be equivalent to taking a handful of mushrooms to the face and heading to blue bayou for the day.

It’ll be fun, but who fucking knows what is gonna happen.

Consider These Folks

  • Adam Turni (1x champ)
Shrimp, steak, sausage, and eggs…
  • The Reaper (4x champ)
  • Todd Doucet (2x champ)
    • still should be considered…
  • Mean Guy From Lake Charles (2x champ)
    • who is this fucking guy?


  • EB UnTubbed (2x champ)
  • Brady Morgan
  • Petey The Poet
  • Keith Daigle

I’m putting EB as a wildcard because ya don’t know if he is ever gonna show up. Usually, when he does show up it is impactful and strange. Echos that bounce off the tub walls and acoustics.

Brady Morgan keeps ya scratching ya head on why he can’t just win a fucking title. But, with three suspensions and an unpredictable vocabulary he is no safe bet to win.

Brady’s best performance maybe…

Petey The Poet is scary in a way, but getting less scary. He has the potential to win a title, but gets way too fucked up. However, don’t count the first ever name that tune winner out on naming a few more tunes tonight.

Joe Show will show up for his 54th episode in a row and look to make some type of moment out of it. The second ever name that tune winner has his work cut out for him after his last few performances on Free Mouth Friday.

The only other person ya may strongly consider would be Ben (who now can’t really win as a sponsor) or this fella Keith Daigle…

Ben’s Burgers been open slangin’ tasty meats and treats.

Could it be the field?

Where the fuck is this fella?

Find out tonight at 10:00 in SpreadQuarters.

Facebook: Hold The Mayo

Community Mayo Alert

Peep this local single by one of my good friend’s sister. Why? Because you should support local performers and what better night than tonight on Free Mouth Friday. That is what it’s all about and why I created the show in the first place. To show the community.

We openly accept singers on our show too.

Hannah Cole – Clothes

Available on Apple Music as well. (click here)

  • $0.99, you got that.

Right outta Covington too.


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