Get Use To Players Whining After Zion Shines

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Get Use To Players Whining When Zion Shines

Lotta folks gonna be pissed when Zion shines and that is something we should get use to and embrace. This is a narrative that majority didn’t know about or believe was true for years, they counted em out.

Like in that video above from last year, you know dudes thinking this man wearing Katrina pants and hasn’t played in forever. Imagine how settled the mind was about Zion. I almost compare Zion’s talent to one of an extremely dangerous person in martial arts. You just can’t really tell by looking at him that he possesses elite NBA once in a lifetime talent that will absolutely destroy ya night.

The Dickie Fit Game

So yeah, to see Zion take ya lunch money, go slam it down ya throat and secure a win has to be some what bothersome.

It is really simple to grasp,

This is why we waited and honestly he only 22 years old so the real ones knew that his best days were ahead of him. His opponents simply were not ready for this kind of takeover.

It all makes sense

  • Jordan
  • Kobe
  • Lebron

All are generational talents that pissed their opponents off with their greatness. To see dudes reacting like DLO after Zion takes over a basketball game is music to my ears.

Switch sports

  • Brady
  • Floyd
  • Khabib
  • Ali

You name it….

ALL of em pissed off their opponents with greatness. This is a common reaction by opponents who don’t have a solution for getting dominated.

Anthony Davis never made anybody this upset and discouraged after a game. Anthony Davis is a great basketball player (when healthy) he’s just not a generational talent like Zion.

Zion’s greatness effect extends well past a win or impressive stat sheet, mentally he is fucking bothering his opponents at just 22 years old. I think what he does to these dudes mentally is my favorite part.

He is in their heads. Anything he does bothers his opponents because they never expected this day to come. They bought into what the media was cooking up while Zion was saying nothing and recovering. After sitting out for basically two years and catching criticism daily, I can’t imagine what some of these dudes were thinking about Zion’s future. Doesn’t matter cause Zion was thinking about proving em wrong.

At this point, he could legit walk on water and we wouldn’t be surprised.


Now, everybody gets to live through the reality of Zion’s future and the reality of greatness they will have to endure. I know it bugs them because his talent is a fucking problem for anybody. I’ve never seen a dude play such impeccable basketball in New Orleans. It’s like watching God send down a basketball prophet.

Time for these fellas to hit the weight room and start eating spinach cause they gonna need every single muscle in their body working properly for when they face Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans. You can be 9 foot tall, but it won’t matter if you can’t get big with Zion.

Just ask Rudy Gobert and everybody else who got their head dunked on during the first 34 games of the NBA season.

Get use to players crying about what happened to them on the court when they lose to the 22 year old phenom. Give Zion the ball and get the fuck out the way is a legendary offensive game plan. Deal with it.


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