Gilmore Vibes On Twitter After Happy Nails One 25 Years Later

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Happy Gilmore Twitter

Oh it’s magic as Adam Sandler ran it back as Happy Gilmore on twitter today. 25 years years ago Chubbs told us it’s all in the hips, Shooter said he ate pieces of shit for breakfast, and Happy told the ball to get in the fucking hole. Movies don’t make ya feel like Happy Gilmore still makes one feel when it pops up on the tube. Let the good vibes roll on Fat Tuesday.

Sandler fucking RIPS this shot.

Didn’t take long for old foe Shooter McGavin to strike back on one of the greatest parody accounts in the fucking world.

Happy Gilmore breaks Twitter enough for Shooter to appear.

If that shit don’t have ya joked the fuck out, I’m speechless on what will. It doesn’t end there. Shit ya not, Hal shows up.

Stiller played an UNCREDITED roll in Gilmore as Hal at the nursing home Happy’s grandma was residing at after her home was taken.

It just doesn’t get any better than this interaction.

Surely a topic tonight on HTM Undressed 191 live from the greatest city in the world. Oh, Oh, it’s magic on Fat Tuesday in the jar.

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