Great, Alex Rodriguez Is About To Own His Own Basketball Team

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Alex Rodrigues is buying the Timberwolves

Alex Rodriguez loves being in the news so much that he is currently closing in on buying the Minnesota Timberwolves. That’s right, SlayRod and the Wal-Mart baldy billionaire Marc Lore are finalizing a deal to take over Minnesota’s professional basketball team in 2023.

The Alex Rodriguez Basketball Operation

Until then, Alex and Marc will work closely under current T-Wolves owner Glen Taylor for the next two years. This is an IMPACTFUL move by A-Rod after completely blowing it with J-Lo not even a month ago. One can only imagine A-Rod not giving two fucks knowing he was on his way to teaming up with a billionaire to buy an NBA franchise. Here lies the problem:

so accurate.

A-Rod has BEEN trying to buy a fucking pro team. We talked about this in our last conversation on SwayRod a month ago. The former combination of J-Rod had attempted to buy the Mets. At this point Alex just wanted to be a leader.

Now, the next problem.

Alex Rodriguez Basketball

Alex Rodriguez Basketball Presence

Who the fuck is gonna rally behind A-Rod and some bald dude? I get a very park ball type vibe when I hear BayRod is running a basketball team. Prolly watching mad Marc Cuban tape right now seeing how to act during the games to come off the most warrior like for his team.

We all know A-Rod loves a nice cocktail,

so watch out.

Garnett vs. A-Rod would be so nice btw.



Not a soul really believes StayRod and his bald friend will keep the team in Minnesota. Rumor has it, Rodriguez may just in fact wanna head to Seattle at one point. IF THIS DID HAPPEN, it would be the only way that A-Rod salvages a highly douchy decade. Epic in every single way.

Only time will tell. But, Alex is back.

But, one day shit could hit the fan for Alex and I’m sure he has a professional legal team on his side. However, I’d put Domingue Law Firm up against any chumps he has in his corner.

Ready To Take Ya Call!

These fellas just know how to make shit look like frosted flakes. It’s the clarity ya get when ya choose Domingue Law Firm. No more losing sleep at night for something ya did in the past knowing they will be in court with ya going forward.

Make the call if ya gotta…


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