Great Time To Recall Rocky Beat Juice Head Drago On This Day

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Rocky Balboa

In the most memorable act of prevailing for the United States of America, Rocky Balboa overcame all odds 35 years ago on this day. Yes, the single greatest sporting event that never actually happened. That it was.

It all started as a big gloat night for Apollo.

I mean, how many fucking times have ya sat there during a Rocky marathon and got the chills watching Rocky IV. (the hands down most elite Rocky film in the series) Then ya really just right back in it again when ya remember this shit happens.

the scene that kicks a nerve for eternity.

Ya know, all bets were off on this being some type of walk in the park of a film when Apollo got brutally murdered by the hands of a big headed Russian. Then ya find out he’s on fucking juice. Man look, the people needed to see an underdog rise to the occasion. The young fella with endless heart outta Philly took that opportunity to fight for his best friend.

From there it was all Stallone in the role of a lifetime. It hits every time.

By the way, greatest soundtrack fucking ever OBVIOUSLY.

Brees Is Balboa

Sylvester Stallone could do 1,000,000 more movies before the good lord calls his name and none of them would ever top the Rocky series and yes, Rocky IV. Come on bruh, HEARTS ON FIREEEEE! Reminds me of Brees overcoming adversity.

Christmas Day 1985

Kirk Though…

I’ll certainly watch Rocky IV either before or after the who dat nation prevails today against a very not Rocky, but Ivan Drago like Vikings team. Guarantee Kirk Cousins pulled for Ivan. Oh wait…

Yeah, Kirk Drago. (great value)

If I could say one thing to these loser Viking fans and Kirk Cousins I’d tell them folks, there is no easy way out of the greatest city in the world. On Christmas day the Saints prevail like Rocky on this day 35 years ago.

If ya vehicle needs to prevail and quickly,

Call Nola Shine and prepare for ya vehicle to look like an extra in Casino Royale. Can’t even tell a lie on that.


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