Happy Stone Cold Steve Austin Day

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Stone Cold Steve Austin Day

Every single March 16th we celebrate the legend of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The best thing that ever happened to television in the late 90’s, and hands down the man responsible for that unforgettable run during the Attitude Era for the WWE. There was nothing better than watching Stone Cold on the tube as a kid. I can only imagine how it was as a college student, or someone in their mid 20’s to late 20’s. He was the baddest SOB on the planet. When you saw Austin, he was there to whoop someone’s ass. Just put this image in your head for a minute. Monday Night Raw in 1998 with this one of a kind, beer drinking, ass whooping son of a bitch.

Stone Cold Delivered

The Coors Light drinking rattlesnake always showcased the best entertainment on live television during his time. He was the common man, we all go through it. You may work for some douchebag, and forever think about whooping his fucking ass every single time you see his face. Austin was that guy who finally said “fuck this” and took action on those thoughts.

Didn’t matter if you were Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Linda McMahon, Trump, Mike Tyson, it just didn’t fucking matter. Stone Cold was opening a can of whoop ass on whoever wasn’t on his side. Which was everyone, because Steve didn’t need partners. He was a one man show, and he was the biggest fucking show in America at that time.

Stunner Culture

Everyone wanted to take a Stone Cold Stunner from this guy. It was that legendary of a finishing move. I still want to do it to so many fucking people today. If I could put a Stone Cold Stunner on the guy that buys fucking lottery tickets every morning at 9:00, it would happen. Everything in me would hope that asshole bounced off my right shoulder as good as The Rock use to when he got hit with the stunner. Nobody sold the stunner better than the people’s champ. Austin and Rock were pure gold together.

Happy 3:16, Drink Beer..

Cherish this moment, as Stone Cold is still active on Twitter, Instagram, and does a variety of appearances and shows still to this day. The world always needed a stern, confident, no shit taking, son of a bitch. Steve will always be that guy. Anybody after him who displays that in wrestling, will always owe it to the rattlesnake. Happy 3:16 Day to everyone who gives a rat’s ass.

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