Heartbreak in Peru

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The Bachelor Heads To Peru, Heartbreak Ensues

Let me first say, rose holders, there was no blog of Wednesday episode. I went on a short girls trip, and I missed the episode. Lucky for you all, you don’t have to listen to me mourn Mykenna being sent home. I still have not seen the episode, so I have no idea what went down. Mykenna just better be on Bachelor in Paradise. I also am shocked to see Sydney gone; I would have bet money that she took Peter home.

Hometowns Are On The Horizon

It’s the week before hometowns! Peter and the remaining seven ladies are in Lima, Peru. This week, there will be three one on one dates and a group date with three ladies. We will end the episode with Peter’s final four, and they will take Peter home to their respective hometown to meet the family.

Peter And Madison Get Closer

The first one on one date goes to Madison. I love Madison and Peter together; their connection was the only one we got to see from the first episode. Since then, she has faded into the background because she has steered way clear of the drama…smart girl!

Peter takes Madison to a fishing village in Peru for their date. They go fishing with a local, and holy crap, they are so adorable. Madison tells Peter that she sees a future with him and reassures him that she is in this for the long haul. She seals this statement with a hot and heavy make-out session on the front of a mini yacht….because let’s not forget that this is The Bachelor and no season is complete without a scene like that.

Peter and Madison on their date in a fishing village near Lima, Peru

Back at the house, the girls are talking about Madison, and they have a consensus that if Madison were to go, Peter is crazy. Even these girls see the strong connection they have and how stable their relationship is.

and closer…

Crazy Kelsey says in an interview that Madison is very religious and hints that maybe Peter and Madisons’ values are not in line with each other. To me, this sounds like producers are setting the stage for Madison to drop a bomb on Peter. Madison must be a virgin based on what Kelsey is saying, although that has not been a part of Madison’s storyline thus far.

Hannah Ann and Kelsey discuss Madison and Peter’s relationship

Madison does bring up her strong faith, and Peter says his faith needs to be stronger, and he knows it. Madison sees this as attractive in a way I think because she says that she will be able to challenge Peter with is faith as it grows stronger. Peter tells Madison that he is FALLING IN LOVE WITH HER!

We all knew it, and for Peter to say it to Madison’s face with this many ladies left is CRAZY! Madison gets a rose, which means she will bring Peter home to Alabama to meet her family.

Natasha Finally Gets A Date

Natasha finally gets her first one on one date. Thus far, the only time we’ve seen these two together is when Natasha is scolding Peter for the decisions he’s made regarding all the drama surrounding this season. Peter and Natasha are out and about exploring the culture that Peru has to offer. SUPRISE…Peter dances in the street….just getting more footage for his DWTS debut. There is zero connection on this date. I mean, its painful to see Natasha being so confident in their relationship when Peter avoids making eye contact with her.

Peter is trying so hard to make Natasha say, “I can not take you home to my parents because I don’t even know you,” and it just is not happening. He is throwing hints at her the entire date that he does not see a future with her, and she is not receptive to any of it. Peter does not give Natasha a rose…no surprise there unless, of course, you are Natasha, then you are blindsided AF! There is a high chance we will see her in Paradise.

Peter telling Natasha there is no connection, and she will not get a hometown date.

Crazy Kelsey Gets Hot and Heavy With Peter

Peter and Kelsey’s date takes place in the countryside of Peru. They ride ATV’s on a scenic road full of animals to the top of a mountain. There is a connection between the two of them. I’ll admit I do not want to see it because I can not imagine Kelsey getting the final rose like there is no way. A bottle of champagne exploded in her face, and she lost her shit over it and went into a downward spiral. There is just no way they ride off into the sunset together in my head. But once again, I know my feelings to mean anything to Peter, and he will pick whoever he wants to. I just hope it’s not Kelsey. Her claim to fame is not an engagement with The Bachelor, its an exploding bottle of champagne, okay?

Kelsey and Peter in the countryside of Peru.

Kelsey tells Peter about her family and the complicated relationship she has with her father. Her mother is unaware that she is speaking to her father after being estranged from him for nearly ten plus years. I hate to spoil this for Kelsey, but, uh…your momma knows now! Crazy Kelsey suddenly has a storyline that has nothing to do with being crazy. I’m almost afraid to say….she is becoming Bachelorette material. Don’t even @ me. The producers are testing us right now to see how receptive we are to this new Kelsey.

Peter gives Kelsey a rose, mainly because he would look like a real jerk at this point of the date if he didn’t because Kelsey opened up majorly to him. I am incredibly anxious to see this hometown date now that Kelsey seems semi-normal and level headed. Iowa, here we come!

The Dreaded Group Date

Hannah Ann, Kelley, and Victoria F. are on the most awkward group date there ever was. There is so much tension among the ladies because there are only two roses.

Hannah Ann, Victoria F., and Kelley on their way to the most dreaded date of the season. One of these ladies will be sent home.

Hannah Ann gets time with Peter first, and she expresses to him how hard this week as been for her because she is not ready to leave this journey. Hannah Ann affectionately reads Peter a list of reasons shes compiled on why she is starting to fall in love with him. THIS WAS SO STINKIN’ CUTE, but also served as a reminder that Hannah Ann is basically still a teenager….does she have the maturity to become Peter’s wife? I really hope she does because I picked her to go all the way, buttttttt she this list just goes to show her level of maturity.

…….the list Hannah Ann made.

Queen Kelly tells Peter that if she got to bring him home to her family, they would love him. She also tells Peter relationships don’t have to be complicated….which is her way of telling Peter all the drama these other peasants have brought to this season is not for him.


Alone Time

Victoria F. gets her time alone with Peter, and it’s painful to watch. She won’t even look at Peter; I’m actually wondering at this point if Victoria knows Peter is the one giving out roses, not her. Victoria comes at Peter hard in the bitchiest way she possibly could, saying that Peter is always a certain way with her. Uhhh, if you think he’s a certain way now, wait till those cameras aren’t there. All I have to say is Victoria F. has balls, and if Peter does not send her home, he is STUPID.

Exactly how I felt watching Victoria be a total bitch to Peter.

And The Roses Go To…

Peter tells the girls there will be no dinner party of the date, he’s made up his mind already. He pulls Victoria F. aside, and surely he is sending her back home to Chase Rice, but NOPE. The man gives her a rose. Tyler would have NEVER stood for this his chick, but here we go, off to meet this girl’s family. I bet they are all just freaking rays of sunshine, just like Victoria is.

Peter foolishly sends Kelley home (start tweeting producers now, Bachelor Nation, to have her as our next Bachelorette). I can’t even be happy that the girl I picked to win this entire thing is going to hometowns because I am mourning Kelley going home. Kelley is so strong, classy, beautiful, and level headed- I cannot fathom why Peter let her go.

Kelley for Bachelorette!

Peter has given out all of his roses- we will go to the hometowns of Madison (duh), Kelsey (IM STARTING TO LIKE HER), Victoria F(vomit), and Hannah Ann (come through for me, sis!)

Next Week On The Bachelor…

The previews for next week…where do I even begin? Madison’s mom verifies that she is a virgin. Kelsey’s mom is crying. Hannah Ann’s dad is a hardass (DO NOT RUIN THIS FOR ME, DUDE), and Victoria F. is called out by Peter for being a liar.

I am so happy we finally got an episode that was not centralized around drama. This is The Bachelor I know and love, although Peter is doing an absolutely terrible job. Other than giving us golden content to work with for Bachelor and Paradise and his inevitable DWTS debut, this season is a flop! Note to future contestants of this show….make sure your overnight date is in a windmill, have sexual intercourse multiple times, and have an adorable family…it’s clearly the formula that producers want for a lead.

My Power Rankings Going Into Hometowns

In my opinion, Madison has the strongest connection with Peter right now, followed by Crazy Kelsey, the youngin’ Hannah Ann, and the awful Victoria F.

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