HOF Finalists Are Here. Who Got Snubbed?

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Edgerrin James on his way to the HOF?

The Pro Football Hall of Fame released their finalists for 2020. Who got snubbed? Don’t worry, we will finish with the one major name left off the list. Remember, a player has to be retired for at minimum five seasons before getting considered as a finalist. The HOF will be selecting five players from this list when it is all set and done. Honestly, this has to be the hardest fucking job in the world. Guys have poured their blood, sweat, and tears on the field their entire life to get here. One thing we know for a fact, Troy Polamalu will have a gold jacket by Summer. Go ahead and bag that take right up.

The most glorious feeling in the world as a professional football player has to be making the Hall of Fame at the end of the tunnel. It is the best piece of clarity a man can ever have after working his balls off to be great. However, just like previous years there will be guys who don’t make the final cut. So here it is, the 15 guys who remain relevant.

The Good & Bad

A guy like Zach Thomas, Leroy Butler, or even Alan Faneca has been waiting patiently for their knock on the door to come. This is tough to decipher for any educated football fan. By the way, none of those three guys I mentioned will probably make the cut. It is sad, but it is true. Hold this list and cry about who you think may have been snubbed. By the way, Isaac Bruce is a finalist again. Do we care at all? LET HIM IN!

That One Snub…

Must Mention Snub: Patrick Willis (San Francisco Linebacker)

Oh, and people are not too thrilled about it. Can’t say that the NFL hasn’t missed bad on things like this before, right? Brian wants HOF answers.

Hold it.

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