Holder Wars III: The Hateful Holders Easter Egg Hunt For Glory

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Holder Wars: The Hateful Holders

This blog will go on until mayo is old and pissing himself, but for now Holders United presents Holder Wars III.

Holder Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Holder Wars II: The Empire Strikes Back
scoot over, we gonna need more room.
Holder Wars I
Return of The Critics

We’re Back

First of all,

Happy Easter to every single absurd soul who would take time on such a high spirited day to entertain this fuckery. Joke is on nobody other than the following holders who have nailed themselves into douchy holes. No golden brick eggs for these ass munchers. Not even a jelly bean.

congrats to this fake profile asshole who I’m letting have the light of day in the facebook group. I enjoyed putting a skillet full of greasy bacon on his fat head.

Hide ya everything from this pudgy grease head.

Prolly turkey bacon honestly because this fella is straight fugazi. Joined January 22, 2021 and that was right around the time that our last significant holder removal occurred. Clear ya mind for this one and I hope ya got plenty room to remember cause this bitch is a large hater.

Holder Wars II: The Empire Strikes Back
Poll Removal: Beth Kong

Holder Wars III

The biggest impact lately has been polls in the sacred Holders United Facebook group. Not only can they really set up a nice show during the week with documented input on topics, but they can also send an imbecile holder packing via community approval. Accountability, yes.

frosted flakes usually pour out of this fella’s pockets.
voted out of the jar on tie.

Holding redundant and habitual thread junkies accountable for their statement and trolls. This isn’t Twitter, ya can’t run far in the jar. Imagine it like being in a nice little parish where everybody knows each other by name. Can’t just rob the man at the grocery and get away with it. We all trying to eat in Holder United ya sick sob’s.

voted out of the jar on tie.

Nuts & Two-Face both have been voted out of the jar for the sake of common folk holders. God Bless.

26-26, final score.

See ya little nuts & two-face.

Holder Polls

  • Up to TWO poll removals a month.
  • Pattern haters and wussies get poll’d.
    • HU will pick the top four at any given period during each month. Max poll call is twice in one 31 day period.
  • The holder removed will have 72 hours to sell 15 mayo shirts to achieve what is called holder redemption.
Michael Ragliano
Hating Ass Hall of Fame Member

Moving Forward

Holders United will be eligible for one more pole during the month of April. Remember, mayo does respond to most folks. If ya wanna throw some heat on the HU threads directed my way, have a fucking day. But, just know if ya unable to support ya statements with any type of factual detail….

Ya could just be the next two-face or LITTLE nuts.

Need big nuts?


Midas has them big nuts. Those big lug nuts and components to get ya vehicle back on the road if the bitch is busted. Greatest folks in the world over at Midas on Canal street. Just let em know ya hold mayo when ya get there. They gonna take care of ya and you’ll be happy ya trusted the Midas touch like mayo told ya. Happy Easter to all!


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