Holder Wars: Return Of The Critics Leads To Mayo Back In United

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Holder Wars: The Return Of Critics

It took a little over two weeks for the screwdriver to get wrenched into the gut enough to start another series of holder wars. Just two weeks I’ve been gone from Holders United and upon my return last night I noticed the same amount of people in the community facebook group, 1.1k. Not gonna say the same shit over and over, but for anyone who wants to jump off the wagon please hop off now.

Mayo will be here tomorrow and the next day regardless of which grown man or woman doesn’t like it.


  • The haters always love mayo before they don’t.
  • Usually involved in content and want more shine w/o creatively approaching how to make an impact.
HTM Undressed 105
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  • They take advantage of me never saying what I did to promote them or brand them. It gets so out of hand that the hater will say he brought light to my show. That is when reality must be handed out formally.

Holder Wars? Eh, Whatever

Let me start by saying I love Tess and I don’t think she meant everything she said, but more so sad about holders united not being as engaging as she would have liked. With that being said, I can’t begin to tell ya how out of pocket her statements were in the group. I’ll leave it at that. Tomorrow will come and things will be fine. Folks forget this is apart of journey and what will continue to happen the more notable HTM becomes.

  • Mayo answers to majority, higher volume of responses on keyboard will equal more opinion variety on my tone, vibe, and meaning in what I’m saying.
  • The whole “I bought merch” thing is really dumb when you look at big picture.
    • I put my entire soul into the merch process and ain’t nobody sitting with a jar of coins from it. Low prices, and have given away as many as sold. Never a week without giving out free mayo and the big number is thousands combined.
  • The sports thing. “mayo started as sports” couldn’t be more incorrect. My first ever video was “Titanic Lady” and just observe that early content.


More disappointed with guys like Seth, Gagliano, Otis, Craig and other grown men who I’ve shown nothing but love to for doubting the process and making it about their feelings.

If I don’t like a members post (i’m working) they use it against me. It is like that for them, but not for me. Things evolve and branding changes. I post content that don’t hit daily. But, I love to do it.

I always forgive these folks for the sake of entertainment, but all the actions remain consistent as traits of big ole haters. The ones who know me and have sat with me know what I bring to the table with both my heart and work ethic.

& the ones who don’t wanna know so bad they grow to hate.

Expert Air Went After Em Too

Cody Clemons, Grant Waguespack, Steven Lepre, Scott Hardgrave, and many others are still active writers for HTM and don’t hear from me like a hater does. How about a fella like J-Nub? He could be butt hurt, but instead defines a man.

They do the content when they wanna and know the brand, nobody is begging them for blogs or support. Just living bro.

Anyways, I’m back in holders united. FWM.

Listen to HTM Undressed, I thank and brand the community constantly and have made the show about them since day one. Stop asking me to say thank you when you missed me say it 1000 times before.

Big Chief BAW!

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They got it all and two locations to enter, New Orleans & Chalmette.

Holder Wars…


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