Hope All Is Well With Our First Ever Friend Tom From Myspace

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One of the purest individuals in the social media history books would be my first ever friend Tom from Myspace. Looking back on his legacy really makes you appreciate what he did for us especially after Facebook completely shit the bed earlier this week.

Ya First Ever Friend Tom

Not only did he create a platform that will be more and more remembered as the days go on, but he stood true to being just a friend named Tom on ya Myspace.

  • Never deleted post.
  • Never sold ya data.
  • Kept politics out of it.
  • No banned accounts.
  • No Myspace jail.
Would ya take it back?
If ya tried out tik-tok,
that answer should be a yes.

Going back to Myspace would be like walking into a 2021 fully re-thought out Blockbuster. The vibes would be thrilling for me and Tom would have to be there to carry us into a better social media world.

The Realest

We only know of Tom as a guy in a white fruit of the loom shirt sitting by the dry erase board smiling authentically. Somewhere around 30 years old and living in Santa Monica. Last login was usually extremely recent, if not just online now. Mothafucka gave us profile songs and let us feel like we were fucking rockstars with cool backgrounds and top friend selections. Could show our moods so ya knew if it was a good idea to even talk right now. Ya went on Myspace to show ya ass or chase some ass.

Ya first ever friend Tom

Post Tom

Tom sold his share of Myspace in 2005 for $372 million big ones and from 2005-2008 Myspace was the largest social networking site in the world. The original pioneer of online life exposure.

By 2008, Facebook had taken over and by 2011 Myspace was left with just a few hundred employees. Several million people had jumped over to facebook leaving Myspace to die out and become what it is today….And I have no fucking clue what that is. A music site or some shit, idk.

We all there.

What’s He Doing?

He’s traveling and dropping subtle tweets here and there. Posting fucking gorgeous photos of his locations is what you can expect from Tom in 2021. After dipping out of the social media fuckery before it really took over the world, Tom is living the life that all of us would cherish. If ya see a Myspace Tom post, enjoy it. They don’t come often.

Tom’s last real post that isn’t him by a dry erase board.

We Will Remember

Surely will not take away what Tom Anderson did for our lives and for our nostalgic memories. Left us with conversation pieces to talk about for eternity and the thought of what could have been if Tom remained in charge of social media. Nobody even really knows what Tom looks like, we can only think of the white shirt Tom in front the dry erase board and that is just fine by me.

Tom in Singapore, 2017

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