HTM Undressed 121: Brown Bag Deal

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HTM Undressed 121

After fully embracing Burger King on HTM Undressed 121 last night, things started to take a fast food turn for the worst. An ole fools mistake would be proper to label this common experience. Before that, it was just a honest reaction to a great value.

HTM Undressed 121
“Brown Bag Deal”

The Timeline

The advocacy show for BK’s brand new $2.00 meal deal ended around 10:40, New Orleans time. I made it clear I’d be heading to the king to see what this was all about. From there I ran back to Twitter to confirm a few things that seemed significant.

First and foremost, the meal is not $2.


It’s $3.00 in the great state of Louisiana.

First, innocent curveball.

Second, it’s New Orleans.

They gonna be outta something.

Lady had just told me all they had was chicken sandwiches and junior whoppers.

or just close early as the first BK did…an hour early. What you gonna do?

Lastly, BK fucks…

Ya, well.

Fucks you right in the ass pocket.

Never Go Full BK

God forbid, you download this BK app.

It is the most appealing looking fucking app for a stoner.

On the corner selling work.

A wide variety of giveaway deals that make no sense profit wise, but when you arrive to Burger King it all instantly makes a ton of sense. Ya can’t let them go full BK on ya.

Things to know about a burger hustle:

  • BK does not give a FUCK about your way.
  • They traded me a junior whopper in place of nuggets.
  • Didn’t throw the fries in the bag. (asked on camera)
  • Was out of fountain coke.
  • Will tell you to fuck off in New Orleans.
  • First joint closed an hour early.
  • FIGHT, to have it your way.

Also, everyone has a burger king statement.

Aaron the ultimate story teller.

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