HTM Undressed 127: “You Gotta Confession?”

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HTM Undressed 127

The Lord’s Day granted us victory on HTM Undressed 127 last night live from SpreadQuarters in New Orleans. No complaints from the mayo man or the holders. If there was a complaint it was a full blown fucking reach.

Don’t reach on The Lord’s Day.

Saints win on The Lord’s Day.

Current vibes: Fred Durst

Walking down the block looking for RB&R.

HTM Undressed 127

First thing first, who da fuck wants to talk about arm strength on this traditional Monday? Nobody. That type verbiage has been sent to the depths of irrelevancy. Doctor Drew Brees and company did involuntary surgery on the Detroit Lions yesterday. Local “Saints Fan” comments were aging like last night’s fucking milk.

“I know you why wanna hate me, cause hate is all the world has even seen lately”
– Drew Brees shredding to Durst lyrics.

What else we got?

Never speak too soon.

Can’t ban a legend.

New York, of all places chimes in.

Yep… just sucks to fucking suck.

HTM Undressed 127
“You Gotta Confession?”

However, Sunday night is the night that holders can call in and get shit off their chest. Also, Matt Moscona….

ESPN Baton Rouge’s Own, Matt Moscona
“Red Beans & Rice Are Overrated.”

Thinks Red Beans & Rice are overrated.

Happy Tradition Day.

Common men and women celebrate.


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