HTM Undressed 130: The Discount Jar

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HTM Undressed 130

Wide Open Wednesday never would let a viewer down and that didn’t change on HTM Undressed 130 live from SpreadQuarters. Before we get going I’d like to throw something out at the viewers and holders. If ya got that gold Ricky Williams jersey hit me up. I’ll trade you mayo for sure. Last night was fucking bizarre.

Ya first example starts here. Right here.

Comment of the night.
FB: Hold The Mayo

When the day woke my happy ass yesterday, a poll was immediately presented on Twitter to just check pulses.

HTM Undressed
Live From SpreadQuarters

It’s nice to know these things piss everybody off…

Not just myself or a few. Nobody likes this shit:

Twitter: @htmsports

Jerseys ya regret buying stole the show.

But, no way I would let lunchable prices and scratch off buyers go untouched in conversation. Shitty finances? Exactly what was expected. Nobody gives a fuck about their bills. Not the youth.

HTM Undressed 130

Fast forward to HTM Undressed on Wednesday night. Quickly…

lol wtf?

Homie does not like scratch offer’s.

We all share a story. However, not all of us know where we will be in 2025 when the Super Bowl comes back to New Orleans.

Ernie does.

One entertaining fucking show to say the least. Even Tommy Badeaux, everyone’s favorite personal injury attorney called in to mention that he bought a Garret Grayson jersey like a true imbecile. One of maybe five in the state that took that journey.

Da fucking parish brah.

Badeaux’s hometown on it’s way to defeat.

Gold Fucking Comments

These fellas in the mayo threads are putting in some serious fucking content for absolutely nothing other than just enjoyment. The following comments made me chuckle my balls off.

FB Live: Hold The Mayo Threads

Barbaro was on fire.
On fucking fire.
Joe Show alerted us of Usher’s birthday right away.
Back for the kill.

HTM Undressed 130

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