HTM Undressed 131: New World Holder (F.M.F. XV)

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HTM Undressed 131

An entire new generation of holders and the savvy vets took battle in SpreadQuarters last night on HTM Undressed 131. Free Mouth Friday is most certainly still the biggest night of the week and these fellas brought their biggest curveball verbiage that I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking witnessing.

Todd on fucking fire, ants.

Some of these lines…

In just a couple months, Adam Turni has brought the Northshore back to freestyle significance.

HTM Undressed 131

Soooo many misses on name that tune. Right back to where we started on that lovely game. The actual performance part came down to a few fellas in my firm opinion. Two new fellas said hello to the jar.

HTM Undressed 131
F.M.F. XV: New World Holder

Here were the holders who stood out:

  • EB UnTubbed (2x champ)
  • The Reaper (4x champ)
  • Adam Turni (1x champ)
  • Smooty On The Beat (1st time caller)
  • Mean Fella From Lake Charles (1st time caller)

Honorable Mention: Craig Granger

F.M.F. XV Winner

No need to waste time as I’ve wagered my life on the line today for College Football. Lets announce the winner now and get the hell outta here. This shit has been taking too long to announce.

F.M.F. XV Champion

Mean Fella From Lake Charles

*have no clue what his name is

“Ya favorite artist couldn’t bench press my notebook.”

Available on Spotify now.

2nd Place – Adam Turni (NN)

3rd Place – EB UnTubbed

Most Outstanding Misses


Fucking guy mistakes Brittany Spears for Kelly Clarkson.

Tommy Badeaux

Tommy Badeaux
Personal Injury Attorney

Picked Sid to win the whole thing. Sid did not perform last night. Badeaux is now 2/5 all-time in picking winners.

It’s late as fuck. I’m going to bed.

May god bless you all and give y’all better bars.


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