HTM Undressed 136: BoneSLAWWW!

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Nobody expected to hear the tale of BoneSLAWWW on HTM Undressed 136. However, shame on ya if so because it was Toss Up Tuesday and that can only mean pure oblivion.

This weeks smash or pass starts with Lady Gaga
Smash or Pass?
Lady Gaga

It started with Smash or Pass presenting the third ever toss up in Lady Gaga.

Runaway Gaga Victory in Holders United.

With an overwhelming support in Holders United, Gaga seemed to be a sure thing until the podcast.

HTM Undressed 136

Little fellas like Joe Show, Brady, and others were passing like Peyton in the Jar. Brady said “his worth?” haha.

& yes you heard correct…

Fucking BoneSLAWWW!

Bonesaw in Spiderman.
(Toby McGuire 1st edition)

Happy Birthday Lonzo!

Lonzo Ball turned 23, had to toss that ball in the air with what I thought was a tremendous toss up.

The Ball Family?

LiAngelo, Lavar, Lonzo, LaMelo.


Kelly, Ozzy, Karen, Jack.

The Osbournes?

Only the holders could decide and I’m certain they did. Lionel was absolutely fucking cutting up last night. The smoke alarm was in rare form, Yes Lawd.

HTM Undressed 136

Get a grasp of the entire 30 minutes on Apple and Spotify. It’s currently 3:31 AM and I’ve enjoyed this crafting.


Tommy Badeaux
(wins free mayo)

Time to lay bones and rest the plugs.

If ya plugs ain’t working though…

Call the great fellas at WAM Electric!

AC/Heater repairs call Expert Air.

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