HTM Undressed 141: G.C.I.T.W. RECORDS

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HTM Undressed 141

Hope ya didn’t miss the volume of hungry talent apart of G.C.I.T.W RECORDS last night on HTM Undressed 141.If ya did miss the 18th Free Mouth Friday in SpreadQuarters let’s start right here.

No Lawd.
Zero name that tune winners.
Only three in the history of F.M.F.
Boom, Boom!

If mayo gave awards for consistent entertainment it’s gotta go to this fella Lionel. His bars were far from contagious, but his name that tune downfall is hysterical.

Going into the night there was a couple fellas who we thought would maybe try and recapture some of their shine from previous glory. However, that was far from what actually happen. The ole seasoned vets like…

  • Adam Turni (Northshore)
  • Todd Doucet (Westbank)
  • Seth Beer (Westbank)
  • EB UnTubbed (Kenner)

Either didn’t rap or didn’t even bother showing up.

HTM Undressed 141

A Nobody Becomes A Somebody

True competitors know when they see opportunity. If there is an opening for a moment the winner inside of ya will dabble with the idea of pulling the trigger.

That is what happen last night for the city of Amite.

Destry from Amite snapped outta nowhere.

The Mean Guy From Lake Charles is heating the fuck up as well. In fact, mean guy is so confident after winning two titles in the last three weeks that he has called out the 4x F.M.F. champion The Reaper. Which will make for one spectacular fucking face-off. But, only thing that makes it sort of irrelevant right now is that neither of those two will be taking home a title this week.

calling it now.

Both went the fuck off,

but a new common man has arrived.


It came down to heart on Friday night…

Nothing against consistency or talent.

  1. Destry Mushtare (F.M.F. XVIII Champ)
  2. The Reaper (4x champ)
  3. Mean Guy From Lake Charles (2x champ)

Honorable mention: Johnny Owen (dude went off on Lionel)

HTM Undressed 141 on Spotify.
  • Johnny Owen may have had the most impactful and surprising moment of the night. That was until Amite decided to show up and steal some spotlight from the parish.
  • Incredible performances by both men.

Suspended next week: Brady Morgan (4th time)

Suspended for F.M.F. 19

Thank YOU

With all of this new talent emerging on Friday nights in the jar, one can only think of the future. The fellas are gonna keep showing up and every single one of em can have a moment that propels them to relevance in not only the mayo community, but outside of it. I’m telling ya, I can feel it now and its a comical fucking show, but don’t sleep on dudes becoming seasoned. Look at what this fucking show does for a guy like Reaper or even Lionel as an entertainer at very least. The most iconic night of the week is becoming a reality with an organic community entertainment show. Take a bow my friends.

Without you there is nothing entertaining.

Hungry Brah?

Greatest burgers in the world?

Yeah that’s Ben’s Burgers, but it doesn’t stop there.

Best chicken nuggets in the world?

Ben’s nugs at Ben’s Burgers.

Best funnel cake anything? Ben’s.

Ben’s Burgers
2008 Clearview Pkwy.
Metairie, LA



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