HTM Undressed 142: G.O.A.T. Ball Droppin’

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HTM Undressed 142: The G.O.A.T. drops his balls all on Tom Brady

After completing a routine G.O.A.T. ball swang on Tom Brady and his fellow Jack Sparrows, Drew Brees left many of his occupied critics in frustration.

Always stay the course in New Orleans sports.
The G.O.A.T. ball droppin’ occured.

As usual very little verbally came from that end of the city. Could’ve been somewhere in la la land reminiscing on sweet times at celebration station.

Aw, prolly.

I’d give up all my moments here for this who dat run…

Common Replies

If ya called those folks they’d tell ya they cutting the grass, hitting the punching bag in the shed, or maybe watching a nice suspenseful Lifetime flick with the ole lady.

Let em know though…

The bless you boys have six wins and just two losses on the season and currently ride a five game winning streak. So, here we are again just like previous runs.

Remember week two and three?

Ya woulda thought Drew Brees were some kinda washed up Carson Palmer according to some hysteric souls in our own who dat nation. Since then?

Man, not a fucking peep.

Local twitter on The Lord’s Day was nothing short of tremendously hyped as fuck yesterday though.

Even after some far too soon wishes were granted in the 4th quarter…not a single breath from the critics.

However, I need to let this go…

Those folks have and will sleep with that for days to come. No reason the ones who already knew the business shouldn’t show the ones who fell short the light.

G.O.A.T. Ball Gone Wrong

Tom Brady for once faced a cream of the crop QB inside his own division and got molly whopped before the turkey got put on the table in November. Just like that…Brady gets whopped all over like he got dropped off in the ninth ward at 2 am.

That G.O.A.T. ball swang!

The confession room was open on The Lord’s Day and rightfully because many holders had things to get off their chest. Most just called to talk like we were on the couch in Arabi.

For present, it is oh so the most traditional day in the world and what better way to celebrate than eating beans and chasing dreams. The journey starts with the faith in New Orleans.

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WAM makes the impact on all avenues electricity.
Call them whenever you need the service.

Tell em mayo sent ya and if they don’t come quick ya gonna call SpreadQuarters human resources.

HTM Undressed 142
G.O.A.T. Ball Droppin’


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