HTM Undressed 143: Snooki And Steroids

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HTM Undressed 143

Gave everyone ample amount of time to consider this weeks toss up for HTM Undressed 143 and Toss Up Tuesday. The key is being transparently honest with ya self. Never any boundaries on this show and it truly brings out an original opinion.

Like Chuck…

This son of a bitch leaned on national pasta month for his answer.

“She’s phenomenal”

National Pasta Month, Let’s Go.

So sincere…

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Ain’t No Bowel Strong Enough

Authentic callers that had to get their word in no matter where they were located.

Lionel “Wipe Me Down” Griffin

HTM Undressed 143

  • Spreadlines
  • Assholes of the week
  • Good Guys of the week
  • Jersey Shore or Real World?
  • Steroids w/ Craig
  • Zapps advocacy

Let’s stop there.

This fella called in right before the mayo buzzer and hit us with some dead ass truth. Why? Who fucking knows. The word chips was mentioned one time during the podcast. But, fella could not hold this in any longer and he picked the right damn show.

Zapp’s responds quickly.

Very Winston Churchill like speech for the local potato chip superiors. Nobody blowing smoke up anybody’s ass either. That was just simple facts from a local youth.

Wanna blow some premium smoke?

Head to Big Chief Vapor, two locations.

  • 135 West Genie Street
    • Chalmette, LA
  • 2518 St. Claude Ave
    • New Orleans, LA

You’ll find whatever one could fathom from a fantastic head shop ran by stellar folks.

1000 % HTM Approved.


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