HTM Undressed 166: The Joe Show Is Now In Demand

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HTM Undressed 166

The show nobody really wants to buy a ticket for became the biggest show in town last night on HTM Undressed 166. For the more fortunate side of the lake Joe Show is the hero they never knew existed.

The Second Opinion

For the first time ever in Free Mouth Friday history HTM welcomed a co-judge to the jar.

Wesley Presssley, the prophet and founder for the nostalgic and trendy clothing brand NeutralGrounded settled into SQ.

Northshore Chimes In

Nothing strikes a Northshore cord like hearing a kid who just filled up his tank with a monthly gas card rhyme about confronting some thugs. One of the better nights for talent and the very first show of the new year. Things are looking fucking stout already if I do say so myself.


Awards & Winners

Also, Whatcha Call That? The game that stumps every soul that tries to play. Incredibly, the fifth ever winner was crowned after naming three tunes including a very tough Daughtry song. However, that gentleman did not give his name and hasn’t emailed me yet. BRO, ya won free Ben’s Burgers and now have become engraved in mayo history. Congrats bro.

Top Performers – Free Mouth Friday 26

The Joe Show

The Audacity.

Despite his bullshit fuckery at the end of the show, overall the northshore should be proud with their new Free Mouth Friday champion. Hell of an unexpected performance on the first night of the year.

Lionel Griffin

This pill will be a tough one for Lionel and his girlfriend to swallow, but after a more than impressive performance the smoke alarm finishes in second place on HTM Undressed 166. Yes Lawd.

Todd Doucet

The Westbank would not be denied on 2021 day one. Todd showed up at the very last minute to drop bars right off the brain and then fail miserably as usual in Whatcha Call That. It was only right.

Honorable Mention: Craig Granger

Worst Performance: Brady Morgan

If ya get in a tragic and shitty situation on the road there is no other person I’d ever recommend calling than Tommy Badeaux.

Tommy J. Badeaux

The greatest personal injury attorney in the fucking world. Back on the Lord’s Day for another episode of HTM Undressed. Get ya confessions ready or go watch lifetime.


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