HTM Undressed 173: Apartment Talent, FMF Awards

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HTM Undressed 173. Free Mouth Friday

Nothing but kitchen auditions and couch confidence pumping on HTM Undressed 173. The unquestioned most iconic night of the week in the jar. Where a nobody can become a somebody and where the common folks can catch a moment.

Ya gotta rally behind that.

Craig Granger at Woodstock ’99

No shortage of submissions last night as there was some incredible awards on the table for the performers who had the balls.

HTM Undressed 173 Award
NeutralGrounded Black & Gold included.

The Northshore

After three straight weeks of dominating the Friday night lights in bizarre fashion, the northshore finally dropped back to reality. Leave it up to Brady Morgan to drink a bunch cb&v’s and start feelin’ himself from the Chimes parking lot. I bet single mothers everywhere were snapping shots.

Same Ole, Same Ole

These folks still out here blowing my fucking braincells with the lack of memory on nostalgic tunes. Bless hearts.

Village People

We did have one (questionable) “whatcha call that” winner and dude didn’t drop his name or send me an email yet. Let’s see how that goes. However, this is where I think the spotlight shined last night.

A fella named B-Mac from Slidell?

Let’s fucking get it.

B-Mac from Slidell
FMF Champion
Book it.

FMF Awards

Yeah, look the talent is getting better and the future is bright. But, the regulars let a man come up in their living room and put his feet on the coffee table. That man being B-Mac from Slidell. Also, big ups to Wesley Presssley and NeutralGrounded for adding a fantastic element to FMF as co-host and dope swag provider.

I been wearing this one and the mardi gras.

Top Performers

B-Mac from Slidell (1st place)

Craig Granger (2nd place)

Brady Morgan (3rd place)

Honorable Mention: Lionel Griffin (bathroom)

B-Mac, email me address and size to,

Fuckin’ Comedians

hehe, go smoke a pole.

HTM Undressed 173

This beautiful episode of entertainment was sponsored by the fantastic fellas at Ben’s Burgers and dedicated to their menu. It makes me emotional to think about those fucking funnel cake fries knowing they support mayo. Ya should stop by today in Clearview and snag some,

Ben’s Burgers
2008 Clearview Pkwy


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