HTM Undressed 200: Mayo Passes Go To Collect 200 Episodes

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HTM 200

The path to get here for HTM 200 has not been an easy one. It’s been a ton of showing up and figuring shit out on ya own since February 4th, 2020. That date is the date that I released my 17th episode for this podcast. So, 16 episodes before that had obtained right over 500 listens combined. Spent over $6,000 on those 16 episodes that got absolutely little traction.

October 16, 2019

Hopping from place to place, trying to be fancy, and just really doing what a zillion other folks on the map publish daily. Nothing really original and most importantly, consistent enough to hang my lid on. Just needed one or two things that were elements I was passionate about. Couldn’t stop talking about random shit like Shoney’s and Blockbuster.

February 14th, 2020
headed to office depot and bought a house phone.

I’ll tell the tale till I’m blue in the face about a fella named Ryan Wood telling me in January of 2020 to just run a daily vlog. That was all I needed to hear to know that what I was missing was something consistent and straight forward. The phone was the greatest idea I could’ve ever took action on from home. THIS was the beginning of me loving what I had.

Just Publish It

I knew that chasing athletes and former athletes wasn’t gonna be what made this show different. Much love to the few guest I had through the journey, but that just ain’t my shit right now. I wanna talk about straight fuckery most times.

February 26th
mayo heads to bourbon.

So, taking the hard route and creating my own entertainment sounded like a bigger and better picture for hold the mayo. Documenting everything via blogs and story-lining the callers that participate in every way possible. Mardi Gras 2020 was my last big impact before fully focusing on this podcast. It only gave me a bump of traction and support for what I was ready to do four nights a week for the rest of my life.

The Phone Rings

March 5th
HTM Undressed started getting calls.

Nothing too fancy and nothing that elaborate.

Covid ends all sports March 12, 2020

Sports Ended

The idea of stressing production over just simply showing up and evolving was the big issue here. Taking a risk and shoving it down social media’s fucking throat. Sports ending was big for me cause I really just wanted to talk about whatever the fuck came to my mind. Didn’t wanna really have limits or expectations.

March 16th, 2020

At that very moment, I knew it was my time to soak up some fucking local spotlight. When the sports were pulled is when Mayo could finally get some open minds and craft an entertaining show based off what folks love to talk about no matter what it was at that time. If it was nostalgic fucking candy, then fun-dip it fucking was.

March 25th, 2020

As a full blown manager I was sitting behind a computer blogging my fucking nuts off and learning shit on YouTube to utilize in HTM. There is no sugar coating what happened while I was building mayo and working at that dealership. But, it all payed off quickly once I left that place.

June 17th, 2020

The decision was to risk anything financially secure to operate my own hand crafted brand from home at SpreadQuarters instead of clocking into work for another man’s creation. That was the decision I made and since February 2020 it’s been a PERSONAL struggle that I expected, but this brand has thrived in so many ways upwards trending.

Since leaving job February 2020

The Constant

The one constant other than the upward trend in HTM Undressed has been the folks who show up to support it and bring more locals that eventually follow too. That cannot be denied as this show is the most community driven show I’ve ever fucking personally seen myself. Which is exactly why HTM 100 and now HTM 200 is dedicated to the locals.

no asking for shit just showing up.

Each winner of the local awards handed out on HTM 200 will receive exclusive mayo gifts for the occasion. HTM 100 was a special one.

August 14th, 2020
HTM 100

This is our way of saying thanks and recognizing the folks who have made the jar their home the last 100 episodes, four nights a week. So, thanks fam.

January 20th, 2020

Can’t coach loyalty and this brand has many loyal followers that will slap a hater right in the fucking mouth if they act out.

February 16th, 2020
looks like hard work

HTM 200 Awards

The local awards ya can expect to see awarded tonight to folks who have been involved in the uprising of this organic brand. Much love to all who have been there as y’all know everybody can’t catch a moment always.


  • Miss HTM
  • Drunkest Caller
  • That Blog Was Tits
  • FMF Performer of the Century

Each award winner is expected to call in and claim their award via phone call to SpreadQuarters or they will not officially be declared the winner. Unless something tragic is going on and they lemme know before or after that tragedy struck.

National Anthem

Our National Anthem will be performed by none other than Craig Granger as we kick off the show tonight at 10:00 PM on Hold The Mayo Facebook. (click here)

I’ll blog the winners in this blog.

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