HTM Undressed 208: Free Mouth Friday In CraigQuarters

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HTM Undressed 208

The entire show was hijacked by Craig on HTM Undressed 208. From the second the fella walked in the door it spelled disaster. Turns out, Craig was at Turtle Bay for several hours before catching a LYFT and arriving at SpreadQuarters. Walking in with a Jagermeister grin on his face and a questionable mindset, mayo chose to have Craig come off the bench if needed.

minutes into his arrival.

Well, the bench would’ve needed a seatbelt made of steel chain and spikes to keep “Greg” back from destroying the show.

Hurricane Greg

Craig in last night’s form = Greg

FMF Awards

Last night was the quickest Free Mouth Friday in its history. Little over 25 minutes, but the phone was ringing the entire time with submissions. Couple fellas need to pick up their tone as we cannot fucking really hear these dudes this past episode. They came in mumbling like fucking turtles. Regardless, a few did prevail.

  • Todd from the Westbank
  • Robbey Blair
  • Lionel Griffin

Are the three that stood out in a short show. Had a couple who tried to call in at the end, but Greg destroyed their chances for a submission. Winner?

Let’s place em up.

FMF Top Performer

  • Robbey Blair

FMF Runner Up

  • Todd Doucet

Third Place

  • Tootie Griffin

We’ll Be Back

Next week will be a true test for all these fellas as the show is usually an hour long rather than 25 minutes. Production is fucking thriving with new mayo vision camera captain Gene Nicosia. Poor Wesley Presssley drove the fucking longest bridge in the state to come witness Greg’s disaster.

Next Friday can’t come soon enough.


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