HTM Undressed 218: National Booze Day In SpreadQuarters

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HTM Undressed 218

Pour one up for the common folks on HTM Undressed 218. Just moments before the show went live at 10pm last night, mayo realized that the day was dedicated to booze. National Beer Day they call it. I’m not a fucking lunatic when it comes to boozing, but mayo does enjoy a nice pour.

So does Craig, in his food.

In The Kitchen w/ Craig
Twitter – Craiggers5

HTM Undressed 218

  • Which beer to honor?
  • Elite fast food BBQ sauces
  • Wide Open Wednesday (holders choice)

With all that said, Joe Show came with this:

HTM Undressed 218

Drank a bud heavy last night because I’m an American. However, Sweet Water Blue on draft is undoubtedly my favorite beer of all-time. Purple Haze would fall right under it. I can drink with the best of ya.


That’s cause I got that sauce. Do you? Here goes the lineup ya must have if ya wanna have a conversation on cajun sauces. It all starts and ends with Frog Bone. Use the code “mayo” to get 15% off any online order.


use code “Brian” and get 25% off still

Quote This Fucking Loser is in full effect.

Join Holders United to join the quoting chaos and potentially win ya self some free mayo for ya efforts.

HTM Undressed 218
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