HTM Undressed 222: Free Mouth Friday Top Performers

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Start slow and finish fast on HTM Undressed 222 last night in SpreadQuarters. Real slow start…

HTM Undressed 222
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Pretty much how that shit went down. Ya had the normal line-up of:

  • Brady Morgan
  • Tootie Griffin
  • The Joe Show

Call in as the first three calls and after that we started heating up in the jar. The 360 Home Inspector just isn’t showing much justice on these fellas as of late. I can already tell ya he’s taking home his fourth title and his second consecutive FMF title. Nobody really touching them bars, but please believe the competition is steadily rising. Second place is where it gets tight.

HTM Undressed 222
Grab Ya Moment
Rollin’ Thru The Mette
$pun out here becoming a frequent FMF caller bringing some completely different heat.

Both came with some new heat.

Top Performers

No sympathy as whoever had the best bars gets crowned the FMF champ. All winners now get free mayo and a day with the FMF Title Chain. One pure beauty.

The results from HTM Undressed 222:

  • 360 Home Inspector
  • $punDelly
  • C-Really

Ya could’ve gave 2nd to either one of the fellas after Home Inspector. Just came down to $pun catching a smooth beat.

Coming Soon

Look out for the newest edition to FMF weekly, the Power Bars. I’ll rank the top five performers on a bar to bar, weekly basis. Power Rankings meets Free Mouth Friday. This entire show was brought to ya by many folks, but one of our favorites in Big Chief Vapor. These fellas are constantly giving the people who tune into HTM absurdly fantastic pricing.

Head over to Big Chief,
Let em know ya hold mayo.


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