HTM Undressed 226: Cash Mayo Records, FMF Results

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HTM Undressed 226

Call the best one ya know and tell em call mayo on HTM Undressed 226. Matter of fact, just tell em to call mayo every Friday as a fella on the couch can go to sleep a legend. That’s how we functioning in the jar.



Last night in SpreadQuarters.

HTM Undressed 226
Local Flamethrowers

Phone rang the entire night with folks tryna prevail and become the next Free Mouth Friday champion. As of late, that has proven to be an impossible task as the 360 Home Inspector has shown no mercy with the bars. Currently on a two week title run, Home Inspector decided that he wouldn’t let up on these boys just yet. But, they knocking on the door.

HTM 226

Hungrier than ever for a victory after we all sat on our dicks the entire NFL Draft waiting for the world to change. Bill Burr said it best.

That’s what ya get for watching the draft.

The 2021 NFL Draft went great.

With a new 9:00 start time, we been hearing from a wide variety of folks and that means the fucking most on Friday nights. We tryna cash in on some original and traditional show vibes.

Big Tigger smiling somewhere.

Bongs as tall as the empire state building.

Top Performers

Let’s put it on the plate.

The 360 Home Inspector waking up today a 5x FMF champion. Everybody else is pissed the fuck off and I’m not sure what to tell em.

  1. 360 Home Inspector
  2. Trelly
  3. The Reaper
  4. Cousin Larry
  5. Destry From Amite

Honorable Mention: Tootie Griffin, $punDelly

Worst Performers: Ashtray, Brady Morgan

Power Bars

Get a taste of Free Mouth Friday

New on the scene, FMF power bar rankings.

  1. The 360 Home Inspector (5x)
  2. The Reaper (6x)
  3. Young Larry Hoosier (3x)
  4. Cousin Eddie (1x)
  5. Cousin Larry
  6. Tootie Griffin (2x)
  7. C-Really
  8. Destry from Amite (2x)
  9. $punDelly
  10. The Joe Show (2x)
HTM Undressed 222
Free Mouth Friday

Shout out to our fantastic sponsors on FMF along with every other time I pull up a chair and press record. Especially,

Big Chief Vapor.


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