HTM Undressed 67: We Now Take Calls On Madonna

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HTM Undressed 68

We’ve reached HTM Undressed 67 and would like to release a very important statement before we move forward any further.


Well, kick me in my ass and call me Axl Rose. The versatility of this show is bar none. I’d be an asshole to complain. We’ve got grown ass men that are truly comfortable enough to come on my show and vent about this shit. However, I must come clean to not one holder’s surprise. Madonna fucking sucks…

We can have a conversation a few fat joints down the road on Duran, Duran.

See, some would want to cry, but I don’t even know what over…
The fact that Vincent went full MTV at 2:00 AM in 1986?
That we are at this point of comfort in SpreadQuarters?
Link for apple and spotty in tweet, full episode.

Undressed 67 Scoop

With the exception of the music video we just discussed, Undressed 68 brought versatility indeed. Chuck from Kansas came in hot looking for a package reaction and some Wichita verbiage understanding. I could feel it in his voice when he got on the line that he was gonna bring up the package. The one that has been sitting on my counter since Saturday at 2:00.

We had plans dude…

Little does Chuck know, SQ had plans to open it today on RB&R day during Undressed. No patience in Kansas. Remember when they got displaced to the land of Oz in 1939? What did they do? Bitched about not being in Kansas anymore. The tale still holds true, ask Chuck.

Craig RANKING up

Not everybody has a weekend like Craig is coming off of with full momentum. It started with a noticeably extra push for his cat “Chow Mein” on some camera time. Literally, 72 straight hours of snakes with fur.

Get’s retweeted by Dixie Vodka…
Chow Mein get’s that little push Craig wanted.

It doesn’t end there. Granger tweets out at newly devoted NASCAR fan in Alvin Kamara. AK had asked his twitter followers about things to know. As in, it was the first time he ever watched a fucking race. Enter Craig…

Can’t coach this.

The Hockey Podcast Network has been an employer of mine for the last year. Incredible growth, and spectacular humans involved. Well, they got to meet full Craig on Saturday night during an after hours THPN stream. Again, two complete and seasoned Louisianan’s with several Canadians. Add a few northerners too, and you got complete culture fuck. Roll it.

Just head straight to 1:46:40 and have a good time.
Not a long time…

Turns out, they had him on the podcast in Vancouver fucking Island last night. What a weekend for this fella?! Dude said we talk about fruit loops… I must have been trippin dick that night.

Fucking fruit loops…

You or The Cat?

The question was posed to Craig asking if he would rather his cat get notability or himself. He replied without moving a nostril, the cat. Lastly, the good ole Zephyrs were also a hot entree on the plate in SQ last night.


I’m just tired as fuck bruh. Ima bout to turn on….I’m not tired, Ah good, I’m ready to go, ready to roll.

Craig Granger – 23:50, HTM Undressed 68
Full plate 68

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Btw, Lisa has unfriended me again. HOLD IT.

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