HTM Undressed 68: Mails HEAAA!!!

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HTM Undressed 68

I fucked up last episode calling it HTM Undressed 68, when it was really just HTM Undressed 67. Luckily, two things are working in my favor regardless.

  • HTM is peanuts in the grand scheme of things. Nobody really fucking notices my intricate mistakes. Unless they are sucking mayo for a living.
  • It is currently 3:00 AM and no real asshole is going to judge me for the petty mistake I’ve made.
    • BONUS: If you did notice and didn’t tell me, fuck off.

HTM Undressed 68 (The Real 68)

We had mail arrive in SpreadQuarters.

Undressed 68 Synopsis

Ah, Chuck is one you can’t lose tabs on. Gotta read between the lines on this cat, like Sean Payton. He told me the other night….

One is a former tiger, I think you’re gonna like it. But, the second one is gonna catch you way off guard.

Chuck, from Kansas.

Un-fucking real bro. The inspector gadget should’ve came over me, but instead Chuck threw a 98 degree curveball on my dumb ass. However, he would cease to realize that he sent the best Lachey album reference ever. “What’s left of me” slapped.

Chuck really knows how to make ya smile, and really fucking freak ya out.
Shout out Neutral Grounded for sending SQ incredibly nostalgic gear.

HTM Undressed Quick Scoop:

  • Run through mail. Get mind blown, while blown.
  • Look back on AD’s departure for “greener grass.”
  • Craig calls in…
  • Craig can’t spell Wendy Peffercorn. But, can spell corn.
  • Chuck calls back to see how things went.
Spotify been holding mayo since day one.
Around a year ago today.

Also, full HTM Undressed 68 scoop on APPLE.

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