HTM Undressed 69: Breakfast Sex

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HTM Undressed 69

Never has an episode sounded better than HTM Undressed 69, Breakfast Sex. That is a true testament to how sexy of a podcast name this fortunately turned out to be for this particular episode, and in general. My buddy Max who had recently passed away, stood in my very kitchen and rattled off the name Undressed one night. First name, right off the tee. What a genius?

Undressed just hits different…
I swear behind this fucking podcast.

We were just standing there smoking a joint and I was telling him how excited I was about some mayo. I’ll never forget that night. Look at it now. Ain’t where we wanna be, but we did a ton with that on kitchen convo.

HTM Undressed 69 Synopsis

SpreadQuarters Production.

I fucking forgot the day. We can start with that. Thought it was Wednesday and started talking about buns and weenies, piggies in the blanket, and other recipes my stepmother proved superior in crafting. From there, it was a full spill of syrup about waffles and pancakes. Waffle Wednesday, I’ll wait for you.

HTM Undressed 69: Breakfast Sex

The Versatility of Waffles…

  • Chocolate goes phenomenal w/ waffles…
    • S’mores Waffle
    • Chocolate Filled Waffle Pocket (I will make and blog)
  • Waffle Thickness Matters
    • The thick is significant. Pancakes absorb syrup like piss stains in tan pants. Waffles pick up the syrup and hold it for ya mouth fuck the rest of the waffle body.
    • Makes for a very nice, crunchy, breakfast sandwich if you can get ya head out ya ass and be creative.
  • Chicken and Waffles
    • Guys, do we need to elaborate here?
    • Look at these SOB’s in Arizona right now!
Hawwwwww, darlin.
  • The more classy choice.
    • The appearance is better. You wan’t to be seen with a dish that has a waffle on it.
    • Do not be seen walking around with soggy pancakes. Let that sink in with the syrup.
  • Banana Bread Waffle
  • Cinnamon Roll Waffle
  • The Waffle Cone. It holds ya fucking favorite thing.
  • Waffles & Ice Cream w/ Banana’s and a sauce that slaps.
    • “So basically Banana Waffster?”

Yes, Banana Waffster.

or this…

I’ll be there this weekend. Sold.

Pancakes vs. Waffles

Pancakes don’t suck, but they are like Hulk Hogan for me. Just didn’t do it for me like he did everyone else. The waffle will become a staple in HTM for years to come. It starts right now, or next Wednesday…

Waffle Wednesday? DON’T TELL A FUCKING SOUL. Fugazi’s reading now.

Real deep feels.

Um, so yeah. Craig called in and told us about his neighbors fussing and some flapjacks. Dude also did the infamous Afroman “BAKAWWW!” before he got the infamous click in SpreadQuarters. It was a night for Undressed that will make any of its listeners hungry as all hell.

Pour it up.


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