HTM Undressed 71: Daddy Debacle

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HTM Undressed 71

The scenery at SpreadQuarters ate a significant W before HTM Undressed 71 on Father’s Day. I can’t act like shit other than moved on this one. This shit is fucking moving. That is the only way I can explain my vibe. Progress gives great clarity to any man chasing a dream.

Totally not trademarked, but I can certainly say that you’d be a complete fucking imbecile to use this verbiage. Can’t coach this shit.

Quick Tid Bit On SQ

One of my favorite things about SpreadQuarters is the incredibly creative deception. The mind would tell you without vision that this place is a condiment conference room with structure.

We are working our way to structure every day.

Ya know? Mayo analyst, health benefits, and employee parking. That would be amazing. Almost as amazing as how stoned you can get in SpreadQuarters and not even fucking think about a condiment.

HTM Undressed 71

This episode was for the back aching daddy’s that wanted to get their mind off of being a completely normal old dude again come tomorrow morning. The games we play in SQ.

My Dad, My Step-Dad, & My Fucked Up Uncle.

Also, Megan Fox was a huge fucking topic on this show. I saw her trending on Twitter right above Chernobyl. Really wild shit going on there with her and explosive douchebag Mike Bay.

HTM Undressed #71
“Daddy Debacle”

Last Week in SQ…

HTM Undressed had a phenomenal time last week with the pure fuckery that we’ve been participating in graciously. Because of that, I put together a very average clip.

HTM Undressed on Apple & Spotify.


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