HTM Undressed 73: Turni On A Gurney?

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HTM Undressed 73

HTM Undressed 73 raised the idea of “Parish Pandemonium” happening whenever we can touch each other again.

I can confirm.

Holders seem to be on board with slugging each other in the head for a prize or two. Oh, and to become one of the baddest local yat, son of a bitches in the great state of Louisiana. We just kicking rocks with that idea. Would love to get six fights, and obtain in house or in training interviews with the sluggers as we lead up to the event. I vow to brand the bitch.

This guy came in fucking hot..
Under four minutes into the pod.
Gurney: Hospital Stretcher

Undressed The Whopper

However, I did put a nail in the coffin of the whopper and Burger King. Done with those assholes. Gave them too many fair chances to make this disaster correct.

God Bless…

Matt Ryan Eats BK

Speaking of making a disaster correct, Matt Ryan has yet to do that in his career.

Wow, what a weenie.

But, Matt now likes to play with himself while we are light years away from pigskin. Somehow gets on Big Cat’s show and starts funny flexing. Unacceptable action by the biggest choke artist in the history of the NFC South. HTM Undressed 73 had a little tension flowing…can’t tell a lie.

Spotify Mayo.

HTM Undressed Tonight

Of course Craig checks in to see what the fuck is really going on…

HTM Undressed continues tonight live from SpreadQuarters.

Facebook: Hold The Mayo

Start Time: 10:15


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