HTM Undressed 78: The Holy Mayo

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HTM Undressed 78: The Holy Mayo

If ever given the opportunity to describe HTM Undressed 78, the above picture would be certainly suffice. Craig is considered now by most a statewide treasure.

Rippin’ Biscuits 62 w/ Craig.
Once a week on the Lord’s Day.
Exclusively on The Hockey Podcast Network.

However, that doesn’t give him a pass on this near mixtape cover absurdity. Speaking of absurdities, that’s all we are oh so fortunate to receive in SpreadQuarters. It’s whatever, fuck it.

HTM Undressed 78
Greatest City In The World.

Undressed In The Tub

Yeah, I have no earthly idea what the hell is going on with this whole tub epidemic from our callers. That pic above is an ole hitta from Craig’s past. Guy’s like Eric on the other hand, keep oddly calling the show from the tub. Really strange, but it’s whatever.

They don’t pay me enough.

The Holy Mayo

Put some incoherent time into these fucking shirts. When I say incoherent, I literally became distant from my flesh making these things. Started to feel like I worked at Pixar or some shit. It wasn’t me, but it was mayo as all hell. I actually can’t wait for the day to tell the man above himself about these trendsetting pocket ponies.

Let there be drip.

Pod Puddin’

  • Opened up a mysterious, pink polymailer bag.
  • Eric…calls me from the tub.
  • Kansas City residents figuring out a way to pay Pat.
  • “The Parrrishhh Weather Report”
  • Red Bean Rankings.
  • Craig blows my mind for the 189th time.
  • Bunch of assholes tell me bout their favorite cologne and refreshments. Sheesh, what a life.
HTM Undressed 78: The Holy Mayo


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