HTM Undressed 79: Are You Hungry?

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HTM Undressed 79

Wide Open Wednesday on HTM Undressed 79 live from the greatest city in the world. Before we take another fucking step, it’s only right to keep everyone current.

Everyone is fucking panicking.

If ever a night to check into the jar, it’s these absurdly random Wednesday night’s when the only rule is don’t fucking blow it. Shouldn’t have any issues, right?

HTM Undressed 79
Are You Hungry?

Usually an episode where I talk about stellar grub and nostalgic past times. Ben’s Burgers had the floor last night after an incredibly organic piece of art that morning.

Mayo, Onions, Lettuce,
Tomato, Pickles, Meat,
Cheese, Mustard…

In honor of this incredible piece of work, I decided to rank my favorite treats at Ben’s Burgers on any given day of my life.

This will lead me into my #1…

Glizzy, What You Cooking Up?

1- Ben’s Ball Park Chicken Nuggets
I can’t say enough about these fucking nuggets. The crunch…

2- Funnel Cake Fries
These last about 3 1/2 minutes on my ride home. Truly a vibe.

This should tell ya enough, pal.

3- Number Two w/ Ben’s Sauce
I’ll slam two of these usually on the regular. Sometimes, I go…

4- Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/ Bens Sauce
This is an alternate you will not fucking regret. So tasty.

5- Do not leave this place without a fucking milkshake.

6- Weenie Wednesday. I do enjoy Ben’s hotdogs on WW.

7- Onion rings, stay woke.

If you ain’t walked down that alley…
I can’t even throw bread at the ducks with ya.

HTM Undressed 79 Scoop

  • Grub Talk
  • Franchise Chain Dessert Award Goes To?
  • Todd from Westbank had an awful whipped cream experience.
  • Craig recalls his mushroom picking memories.
  • Jamal Crawford dropped 51 in his last game. Signs w/ Nets.
  • Tons of fucking clicks from the hotline.
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HTM Undressed 79: Are You Hungry?


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