HTM Undressed 80: Free Mouth Friday

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HTM Undressed 80

Nothing short of spectacular is the phrased I’d use to describe HTM Undressed 80 on Friday night. Easily the most head scratching night of the week, every week.

HTM Undressed #80
Live From SpreadQuarters
The Greatest City in The World

Free Mouth Friday

Formerly known as “Freestyle Friday”, I just couldn’t sleep with that generic title for Undressed. Also, as expected we have assholes calling in to perform all sorts of different musical talents. Still waiting for a poet, opera bro, or horror punk screaming guy to call in. However, these holders are calling to compete for mayo.

It’s evident.

Free Mouth Friday Top Performers

  • Ben Collier – Ben’s Burgers (Winner)
  • Seth Beer – Westbank Rep (Runner Up)
  • Craig Granger – Go DJ (best intro on night)
  • Sid DiVincent – Sid Vicious (best references)

Free Mouth Friday Fails

  • Todd – Westbank Rep (most likely to pass out while rapping)
  • Eric – Kenner Rep (most likely to sing Dolly Parton next week)
  • Brady – Northshore (suspended from next FMF)
Man seen singing Garth Brooks in SpreadQuarters, Wow.

Craig Listens To Good Charlotte

This son of a bitch Craig is one unique breed. Never doubted that for a minute. Fella calls in to sing punk rock renditions and rap as well.


HTM Undressed Tour Guide

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Blasting mayo on Spotify.

Facebook – We tend to open up the jar around 10:00

Live From SpreadQuarters

FREE MOUTH FRIDAY(I can confirm this)504-766-9005You need to get ya chords together and let's hear some talent on this hotline in SpreadQuarters.Winner gets mayo sent by hand.-singers-rappers-poetsWhatever it takes….Also,What does Friday night mean to ya?Weekend Television 90s-00sHTM Undressed

Posted by Hold The Mayo on Friday, July 10, 2020
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Live from SpreadQuarters
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