HTM Undressed 81: Death, Taxes, & Red Beans

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HTM Undressed 81: Death, Taxes, & Red Beans.

Red Bean Rankings were verbally laid on the table during HTM Undressed 81 on Monday night. Unreal, the 81st fucking episode of something built with two hands one year ago. This podcast fucking sucked.

Funny to look back on bad branding.
Fuck all of you for not liking this post in 2019.

I’d like to thank absolutely fucking nobody for this lackluster achievement of progress and engagement on the only podcast that fucking matters now in New Orleans.

Not done by any circumstances. Yes, it’s true I don’t sleep. Don’t feel sorry for me.

Shout out Rashad Boatner.
He liked this garbage branding.
.club? The intelligence wasn’t there yet.

Boom, HTM Undressed 81

The ones who know they have made a difference have most likely heard from me in an emotional manner. However, it is nice to see some of these holders that show up daily evolve into local fan favorites, on and off the show. Ya, I like seeing the parish.

HTM Undressed
Over 5,000 downloads in 90 days.
Ima keep banging at that fucking door, bro.

Talent sprouts when a consistent platform is presented with an opportunity for people to speak. When ya do, this is it…

Don’t ever ask me what “Hold The Mayo” means again…

DAAA PAAARISSHH WEATHER REPORT!! Sleep naked tonight yโ€™all.

Posted by Michael Gagliano on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Craig Granger is about 474 packs of Winston red 100’s away from being a bigger star than myself. Pretty damn close… Another guy who initially followed mayo.

Since then, Craig has called like 60 plus fucking episodes in a row.

Craig, From Lake Charles.
Calls in at the 24th minute.

Any who, enjoy this hot slap cake of an episode. Hand crafted and cured in SpreadQuarters, G.C.I.T.W

Hum bruh…

HTM Undressed 81

Death, Taxes, & Red Beans


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