HTM Undressed 83: Emergency Contact

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HTM Undressed 83

Time to pick an asshole you trust with ya life on HTM Undressed 83. Imagine writing the name of one celebrity down as your emergency contact if shit ever hit the fan. Another night in SQ drifts off into the depths of oh so underrated history.

HTM Undressed 83
Emergency Contact
Apple & Spotify

Also, While We Here…

Didn’t get to post the blog for HTM Undressed 82 last night. Craig kept calling my cellphone at three in the morning. However, enjoy this short serving to make amends. We did hear from GameStop.

What a fucking night.
HTM Undressed 82

Back To Undressed 83

No shortage of assholes in this episode either. Holders woke up for this table spread like they saw sun shine through a window in Gulf Shores.

HTM Undressed 83 Caller List

-The PAARISH Weather Report
-The Yard Father
-Joe Show 2.0
-Todd, from Westbank
-Brady (Suspended for F.M.F)
-Craig, from Lake Charles
-Chuck, from Kansas

DAAA PAAARISH WEATHER REPORT!! Late post today, but we out chea!!

Posted by Michael Gagliano on Thursday, July 16, 2020


Forever, Sometimes, See Ya Later

Real fucking simple, captain. I picked three things that are tight af.

  • Sports
  • Sex
  • Pot

From here, it’s all up to the individual.

Snow’s Lock

Forever – Sex
Sometimes – Pot
See Ya Later – Sports

3:23 AM as I embed this tweet.

2020 be hitting like that, bud.


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