HTM Undressed 84: The Talent Show

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HTM Undressed 84

Free Mouth Friday on HTM Undressed 84. That only points to our beloved SpreadQuarters being an absolute fucking jungle of absurdities. Oh, was it ever…

*Suspended next Friday from F.M.F

Undoubtedly, I should’ve mentioned how my day started. When the picture below was sent to my inbox, I knew that it was time to grab the bull by the horns and…


“Already Up Holding Mayo.”

Free Mouth Friday

Story of the night.
  • Rap
  • Sing
  • Speak Substance
  • Perform

Every Friday, 10:00 PM
Live on Facebook: Hold The Mayo

Undressed 84 Caller List

*The time is concrete on Apple & Spotify.

  • Chuck, From Kansas (8:52) *Speech of The Night
  • Todd, From The Wesbank (14:18)
  • Brady, From The Northshore (16:20) *Suspended Next Friday
  • Ben, From Ben’s Burgers (17:45)
  • The PAARISH Weather Report (21:22)
  • EB, From The Tub (22:25) *Winner FMF 7/17/2020
  • Joshua, From Westbank (25:00) *Acoustic Fuego
  • Hunter, From Covington (26:30) *1st time caller
  • A-Aron (28:30) *Story of The Night
  • Justin Welch (32:15) *Holder of the Day
  • Craig, From Lake Charles (29:50)

Our winner of the night was EB, from the tub. He was actually in the basement this time. Didn’t even come close to making the mayo man shed an actual tear though.

HTM Undressed 84
The Talent Show


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