HTM Undressed 86: The Good, Bad, And Lisa?!

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HTM Undressed 86

The lost and lackluster Lisa returned on HTM Undressed 86. Fuck, man…

I’d like to mention this to start.
Very serious, let me know.

After a month departure from Undressed threads. For those who are new to the show, this lady (if we calling it that) is an old foe of mine. The firm recommendation would be to take a few moments to get familiar with this entire saga. I’ll tag a link for the story of an ole foe blog right here. Run that up.

Never will understand the dreadful mission of ole Lisa. However, that didn’t stop SpreadQuarters from verbally pumping out those Red Bean Rankings. Another night of double digit calls, which meant another double double in the books for SQ. For the casuals, that’s 10 calls and 10 clicks.

HTM Undressed Call List

5:03 – Some Asshole Who Puts Mayo In Red Beans (Worst Reception)

9:38 – Anthony Ward (Ernie) Chalmette Rep

13:18Parish Weather Report (Gagliano)

17:45 – Older Holder Who Still Uses Ebaums World

18:58 – Ernie Again, Double Dipping

22:00 – Trent Call Attempt #1, Trent Mushroom Story

23:15 – Trent Calls and Gets Through

25:17 – Big Fantasy Football Dynasty Guy

27:20 – Craig Granger (Stephen)

35:47 – Gagliano Hater (Requests Haircut)

Live From SpreadQuarters

HOTLINE OPEN!504-766-9005Tombs up.Tuesday Trivia,How many movies did Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler make together? That won't get you the win, either.On The Plate:-HU Parish Reps, Call Me-Red Bean Rankings-The Big Ticket?-Checkin in w/ CraigHTM Undressed (SUBSCRIBE) BEAN RANKINGS, MERCH

Posted by Hold The Mayo on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Overall, just another night of fuckery.

HTM Undressed 86
“The Good, Bad, And Lisa?!”

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