HTM Undressed 88: Step Right Up

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HTM Undressed 89

HTM Undressed 88 served us some more inspiring fuckery on Free Mouth Friday in SpreadQuarters. Not a single better night during the week. A night filled with assholes and a few acoustic angels. Just bring ya voice box, leave ya feelings at the crib.

On The Plate

  • Free Mouth Friday
  • Latest Mayo
  • Name That Song
  • Parish Weather
  • Checkin in w/ Craig

F.M.F Struggles

One kid that just can’t seem to get right is that lil fella repping north side of the lake. Brady is undoubtedly a below average rapper. Just sucks, and he sucked again.

HTM Undressed 84

Another ten callers, which means another ten clicks. The one that stood out before the click is the holder who heads into next Friday a defending FMF champion. We never start hot. Like traffic, ya gotta weed through the assholes to get to the gold.

Name That Song
Nobody Could Name One…

HTM Undressed Talent List

1:30 – Thomas Domingue (Dumbest Question of Night)

3:54 – Brady (1st call)

6:10 – Todd From The Westbank (0-1 in name that song)

7:08 – Aaron Tax Guy (0-1 in name that song)

9:55 – Some Beverage Lady

12:10 – Brady (2nd Call)

14:50 – Plaisance on Acoustic (WINNER)

17:50 – Todd From Westbank (2nd call)

19:50 – Parish Weather Report (0-1 in name that song)

22:20 – Petey w/ a Poem (Most Creative)

28:55 – Craig (1/4 in name that song)

34:30 – Final Caller (Worst Performance of The Night)

We off tonight for knuckles,


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