HTM Undressed 92: Sins & Tragedies

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HTM Undressed 92: Sins & Tragedies

You would’ve thought Simon Cowell was in the jar on HTM Undressed 92. Buncha Louisiana Jim Kelly’s showing up on Free Mouth Friday. Blowing oh so significant opportunities like HTM is giving out hammy down awards for sounding like a bunch of middle school cafeteria rappers.

Not so fast…

Roll the tape…

HTM Undressed F.M.F

HTM Undressed 92: Sins & Tragedies

FMF over exaggerator of the week.

The Joe Show chimed in early and adamantly for his moment.
Unfortunately, that moment got extremely fabricated in the end…

Westbank Worries

FMF worst phone reception award.

Seth was only here for bars. Undoubtedly a Mims fan at heart.
This fella also emails me bars often. Let’s take a look…

Aye yo yo

Hold the mayo…..

Mayo In the morning 

The Mayo in my hands 

Mayo on my mind 

cus I’m the mayo man

Mayo for my peeps 

The Mayo for my fans 

Mayo for ya money 

That’s mayo for the bands


I’m up, I’m in my pants

Crack of dawn gotta get it  

hit the mailbox in my vans

Shoes laced, cig lit,

Do my mayo dance

Getting to the bread like blue plate in the pantry

Sent by Seth Beer to mayo email

Mandy vs. Westbank

The following two gentleman have come a long fucking way. Brady has repeatedly taken click after click on this growing show. Todd started as a Twitter copy quotes bro. Both are currently evolving into household hotline names on HTM Undressed.

Brady Morgan
(Current Call Streak Leader at 4)
-Has never won an FMF title.
-Participates every Friday.
-Claims he has a platform on northshore?
-On the rise, undoubtedly.

FMF runner up award.
Comes off the dome each time.

Kid thought he had it until…
Todd from the Westbank showed up.
-Has never won an FMF title.
-Participates every Friday as well.
-Advocates for more Westbank holders.
-Could have open warrants.

Westbank Rep
Todd Doucet

The Tub Tragedy

Lastly, and this is by no means disregarding the other assholes who called in last night. Eric has been fucking around with these cats for a couple weeks and it has been showing in his performances on FMF. Get a load of this unreal entry into HTM Undressed 92 last night. The audacity…

The former 2x FMF champ?
FMF worst moment award.

Awards & Call Times

  • Some fella that wants to get hung up on?
    • His 2nd show calling right away.
  • Joe Show (2:50)
    • 0/0 on name that tune.
    • FMF over exaggerator of the week.
    • claimed to have an 8.2/10 rating?
  • Seth from the Westbank (6:38)
    • 0/0 on name that tune.
    • FMF worst reception award.
    • loves the fuck outta Mims.
  • Brady Morgan outta Mandy (9:30)
    • 0/1 on name that tune.
    • “running from the cops”
    • FMF 2nd place award.
    • key component: actually freestyles
    • has never heard “some cut” by Trillville?
  • Da Paaarish Weather Report (16:05)
    • don’t call it a comeback!
    • 0/1 on name that tune.
    • missed “Swerve” by Boosie & Webbie.
  • Eric from the Tub (18:10)
    • 0/0 on name that tune.
    • Acoustic Aggressive.
    • former 2x champ.
    • FMF worst moment award.
  • Chuck from Kansas (19:55)
    • 0/0 on name that tune.
    • did freestyle, before beat dropped.
    • FMF finished too early award.
  • Aaron from Tennessee (22:50)
    • 1/2 on name that tune.
    • married and has problems.
    • FMF weirdo award, reigning champ.
    • guessed Shania Twain song correct.
    • “don’t impressing me much”
  • Some asshole (25:15)

HTM Undressed Ad

  • Petey the poet (25:25)
    • has something against gags.
    • very creative, neat poet.
    • tries to hang up on me.
    • FMF 3rd place award.
    • 0/0 on name that tune.
  • Daniel Merry (26:55)
    • FMF character of the night.
    • quickest impact before click.
    • 0/0 on name that tune.
  • White Privilege Accuser Guy (28:05)
    • first time watching, 100%
    • overlooked a year of my work.
    • goes to bed at 11:00.
    • probably a big fraud, god bless.
    • FMF Asshole award.
  • Colby from Parish (28:50)
    • 0/1 on name that tune.
    • really enjoyed the show.
    • current parish moderator in HU.
    • “what the fuck is that?”
    • missed Purple Rain by Prince.
    • FMF how ya do that award?
  • Brady Morgan Hater (30:15)
    • “Fuck Brady Morgan” and rolls.
  • Craig from Lake Charles (31:15)
    • not graded on night.
    • current call streak at 1.
    • rapped a kid rock song.
  • Rick from Harahan (32:20)
    • H-Town Rep, the hawks.
    • 2/3 on name that tune.
    • correct on “I think they like me” by DFB.
    • also hit “knee deep” by ZBB.
    • missed ice cream paint job by Dorrough.
    • FMF name that tune hero.
  • C-Really from Parish (34:40)
    • FMF last call taken.
    • MJD advocate.
    • first time caller.
    • Had the potential.
    • 0/0 on name that tune.
HTM Undressed 92: Sins & Tragedies


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