HTM Undressed F.M.F. Awards: Mayo Globetrotters

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F.M.F. Awards, HTM Undressed 185

Ahead of revealing the F.M.F. awards from last night in the jar, it should be mentioned there was no shortage of space cadets in attendance. Thank you to all holders who participated in the most iconic night of the week. The 30th Free Mouth Friday and the 185th episode of HTM Undressed. Ya either make moves or ya don’t.

HTM 185

Wesley WESTWOOD joined the jar for his 5th appearance and offering to try and juggle this fuckery. Let’s take a look at who performed and who was just loaded as a mothafuckin’ ham sandwich.

Stellar Subs

The most decent submissions.

The Joe Show
Fella pulls over to spit his bars, the audacity.

Joe ShowPull Over

Lionel Griffin
Gave us a very emotional, vicious shortage of bars. Wasn’t anything spectacular, but heartfelt nevertheless…
“We stuck up in this pandemic, and we locked down. We can’t get no money. Man this shit is crazy. Fuck the government. I’m losing my mind, I need that 1,400 just to clear my mind.”

Craig Granger
The meat pie line got him here.

Can’t Wait.

Destry from Amite
With a buzzer beating performance, it seems as if the fella from Amite may have struck gold for the second time in history. This dude has flow under pressure, it has to be in the moment to get the best output.

On The Fence

Brady is the best self-gasser-upper in the game.

Brady Morgan
The energy is undeniable. However, his verbiage doesn’t make any sense. Right off the jump he referred to ANQUAN BOLDIN as a running back, then proceeded to say TOM BRADY played for “us” whoever us is.

Todd From The Westbank
This one was strange. Had all the potential in the world as the top performance and would’ve been a fine acapela. However, Todd abruptly sounded like he had a fucking stroke after dropping a philosophical rhyme on his political stance.

Craig Granger
Questionable verbiage.

But, respectable.

Loaded As A Ham Sandwich

is what all these fellas did last night.

Brady Morgan
Surely can fall into this category as well. I do think this has to do with the senseless verbiage. He on that liquor bitch.

Rick Draw
“I butt chugged something, I don’t even know. Hey, we got kicked outta Ivars earlier.”

Petey The Poet
Straight trashcan performance,
yaheardme” as Pete would say.
“here we go, pull up to the light, knocking on ya bitch ten times ima fight.”
9 dudes gassin em up in the background, drunk off parrot bay.

Craig Granger
I mean this performance should go in all three categories, and it will. The meat pie line at the end saved it, but let’s not deny that Craig was as blasted as a 2021 NASA ROCKET last night.

HTM Undressed 185
Mayo Globetrotters

F.M.F. Awards

Whatcha Call That? Notta single winner.

Better luck next week.

Top Performers

  1. Destry from Amite
  2. Lionel Griffin
  3. The Joe Show

Honorable mention: Brady Morgan

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HTM Undressed 186 on The Lord’s Day after the Super Bowl. Book that up and mark ya calendar for the HTM Undressed Undeniable Awards on March 3rd in SpreadQuarters.


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