HTM Undressed: Imbecile Extravaganza

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HTM Undressed 122

The New Orleans Bobby Ross is back on HTM Undressed 122 live from SQ. Left the door wide the fuck open for any imbecile in their incoherent mind to walk in.

HTM Undressed 122
“Imbecile Extravaganza”

The mid-week soul check, a chance for these fellas to come on in and let off some steam. Just one rule…

Don’t blow it.

HTM Undressed 122

The 20 year anniversary of “Remember The Titans” was yesterday. You would think that would keep peoples minds on something super iconic and nostalgic. Nah.. how about this?

  • Consistent caller “Will” calls from Ivars in Baton Rouge three times, including one time that he hands the phone to a random chick at the bar. Incredible move by Will the thrill.
  • The Westbank was in full form as soon as the show started. Just filthy, uneducated phone calls with wank smell coming from em.
  • Thought these kids were on Ketamine.
  • Aaron blows it, while honoring Air McNair. How ya do that?
@HTMSports has been tagged, buddy.

Figured that was a good time to promote mayo getting some promotion. The audacity of me to ever ask for a moment.

Mayo Spreads is back this evening with a vengeance. After kicking spread ass all last weekend expect nothing to change.

HTM Undressed 122

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Mayo Twitter

In a recent turn of events, Colin Cowherd has called out Carson Wentz in a stereotypical, backwards hat slandering way.


I’d like to take this time to remind people how HTM feels about Colin Cooter.

Over a year since this video,

but nothing changed…at all.

Also, Lane Kiffin looks like:

Sheesh, pal.
Who y’all play, Florida?

Lane needs the repair.

If you need a repair on ya AC due to insignificant air blowage?

Call Expert Air today.


See y’all for Mayo Spreads. (click here)


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