HTM Undressed 218: National Booze Day In SpreadQuarters

HTM Undressed 218

Pour one up for the common folks on HTM Undressed 218. Just moments before the show went live at 10pm last night, mayo realized that the day was dedicated to booze. National Beer Day they call it. I’m not a fucking lunatic when it comes to boozing, but mayo does enjoy a nice pour. So […]

Free Mouth Friday On HTM Undressed 216: The Game Changed

HTM Undressed 216

The 6x FMF Champion was revived last night on HTM Undressed 216 live from SpreadQuarters. Greatest city in the world. Lawd knows them boys needed to bring nothing short of their entire souls to beat this fella who keeps running through the jar. Young Larry Hoover capped off his third title this year with an […]

HTM Undressed 208: Free Mouth Friday In CraigQuarters

HTM Undressed 208

The entire show was hijacked by Craig on HTM Undressed 208. From the second the fella walked in the door it spelled disaster. Turns out, Craig was at Turtle Bay for several hours before catching a LYFT and arriving at SpreadQuarters. Walking in with a Jagermeister grin on his face and a questionable mindset, mayo […]

Morning Wood News: Jenny Back On The Block, But For Who?

Jennifer Lopez Back On The Block

Wake up with Morning Wood and Jenny. Cause ya can’t wake up with Morning Wood and Henny! Ya just can’t. For those living under a massive patch of grass, Jennifer Lopez and GAYE ROD are no longer a thing. He didn’t even close and put a ring on it. All hype, no juice… this time. […]

The Royal Family Options For Most Common Folks In America

The Real Royal Family Options

The real Royal Family options should be heard with all of this forced publicity on Megan and Harry going around. Exactly, Megan and Henry. Not queen this and prince that to the mayo man. I’ve said it before and I’ll have to say it again. Nobody from where I’m from gives a shit about this […]

The Month Of March Starts With Knuckle Sandwiches And Spreads

Mayo Spreads Tonight

How about a nice laid out table of March Spreads for the common folks? Sounds delicious to mayo. Before we feast, I should mention there was a full blown space cadet invasion last night in SpreadQuarters led by the Northshore and Brady Morgan. The night where a nobody can become a somebody. Listen to the […]

And The HTM Local Award Goes To….

HTM 200 Local Award Winners

Fantastic night in SpreadQuarters as several common folks left with an HTM Local Award and well deserved. Every 100 episodes HTM celebrates the century mark for HTM Undressed by handing out awards to the ones who are involved and are nothing short of entertaining. Even our own sing the national anthem. Why in the hell […]

HTM Undressed 200: Mayo Passes Go To Collect 200 Episodes

HTM 200

The path to get here for HTM 200 has not been an easy one. It’s been a ton of showing up and figuring shit out on ya own since February 4th, 2020. That date is the date that I released my 17th episode for this podcast. So, 16 episodes before that had obtained right over […]

HTM Undressed F.M.F. Awards: Mayo Globetrotters

F.M.F. Awards, HTM Undressed 185

Ahead of revealing the F.M.F. awards from last night in the jar, it should be mentioned there was no shortage of space cadets in attendance. Thank you to all holders who participated in the most iconic night of the week. The 30th Free Mouth Friday and the 185th episode of HTM Undressed. Ya either make […]

HTM Undressed 200: Undeniable Awards Date Set

F.M.F. Awards, HTM Undressed 185

The most iconic night of the week will go forward routinely, but HTM Undressed 200 is right around the corner. For any new holders, every 100 episodes mayo does an award ceremony for the folks involved and the memories we’ve made the last 100 episodes on this show. No question, HTM 100 was the best […]