RB&R Day 124: We Don’t Lose On This Tradition

RB&R Day 124

It’s RB&R Day 124 and we better on the beans. Idk what the Saints been eating on Monday, but it’s time to take this tradition to the heart. We better on the beans. Not gonna get better eating Chipotle. I ain’t asking nobody to eat a street possum. We just gotta do better. Speaking of […]

RB&R Day 123: Fried Chicken & Red Beans

All we got is red beans after a Saints loss and that’s why I took my sad ass straight to Chubbie’s Chicken on RB&R Day 123. If ya wanna catch some peace and clarity sometimes you gotta go to the Westbank. Home of the most empty parking lots and uncertain businesses. It look like a […]

Last 11 Mondays On RB&R Day

Since I haven’t blogged about RB&R Day in over 2 months, I’ve decided to grow some balls and get back on track writing blogs nobody will fucking read ever. There was a time where I blogged like somebody had a pistol to my head, hungry enough to eat an egg roll out a crackheads pocket. […]

The New Orleans Attorney Charity Boxing Event, Power Rankings

No better time to be a New Orleans attorney than right now heading into football season. The spotlight is on ya like no other time throughout the year. You better have a spot in the TV commercial rotation or you better off just shutting the whole operation down. It’s like a fish swimming with a […]

RB&R Day 111: Breaking Red Bean Records

Something I never would’ve imagined two years ago happened on RB&R Day 111 this past Monday. 200 shirts w/ a plate of red beans, fried chicken and cornbread sold out before the banks could even open. No shit, I had to step back and re-evaluate my life after that happened. I knew the shirts would […]

RB&R Day 110: The East Never Loses On Monday

RB&R Day 110: Bullard Seafood

I really can’t get myself outta New Orleans on RB&R Day 110. Not for a second. Every Monday is the same, I wake up and start thinking about hot plates and how tight I can make this fucking segment that day. Back To The East I love Mondays so much I went to the East […]

Breaking Down The Anthony Davis California Crawfish Boil

The wild thing about the internet is you can’t even post a crawfish boil without the entire state of Louisiana observing it. They gonna either love to see it or hate to see it. Anthony Davis had to have known this when he agreed to a private YouTube crawfish boil. Set The Scene On June […]

RB&R Day 108: Tradition By The Hospital

RB&R Day 108: Leo's Caboose

The greatest tradition in the world gave Leo’s Caboose a shot and I ain’t talking bout a tetanus shot in the ass on RB&R Day 108. I knew we just had to get as far away from Magazine as possible. I’m talking bout Leo’s Caboose right next to Touro Hospital. Everybody at the hospital knows […]

RB&R Day 107: Different Type Of Tradition On Magazine

RB&R Day 107

Took my American ass to Magazine Street for I don’t even know what reason on RB&R Day 107. Ya gotta go with ya gut and my gut knew that I wouldn’t walk away smiling wide with anything I obtained on Magazine to do with tradition. It just hasn’t reached that part of town yet, they […]

RB&R Day 106: Only One Queen In Kenner

RB&R Day 106: Queen's Cuisine

Not many folks had nice things to say about Kenner until RB&R Day 106 rolled around. Kenner is like the Aeropostale of the New Orleans surrounding areas. Best way I can describe this city. However, we will forever remember what went down at Queen’s Cuisine on Monday May 23rd, 2022 in Kenner. Address: 2000 Airline […]