Vin Diesel Song Dropped For Some Saturday Morning Vibes

Vin Diesel releases new song in 2020

Vin Diesel, of all people, has just dropped a fucking BANGER of a song! You read that right. The first Vin Diesel song has been released. And I’m gonna go ahead and say right now…this shit is hot! I’m here for it. Twitter has been blowing up over this new sensation! Vin Diesel’s New Song […]

Free Mouth Friday Folk Tale: Kendrick Lamar

Friday Folk Tale: Kendrick Lamar

The second rendition of Free Mouth Friday folk tale has landed in Compton. Over 13 Grammys and several other prestigious accolades, Kendrick Lamar has wasted very little time becoming a true rap legend. Friday Folk Tale Determined AF, Kendrick dropped his first mixtape at 16. Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year Then known as […]

Return To Fight Island: UFC 253

Return To Fight Island

Return To Fight Island In the return to Fight Island, the main-event seems to be a bull and mandator-style fight, as Isreal Adesayna takes on Paulo Costa as the middleweight strap is up for grabs. This was listed as one of my dream matchups the last time the UFC went to Abu Dhabi. Paulo Costa […]

HTM Undressed: Imbecile Extravaganza

HTM Undressed 122

The New Orleans Bobby Ross is back on HTM Undressed 122 live from SQ. Left the door wide the fuck open for any imbecile in their incoherent mind to walk in. The mid-week soul check, a chance for these fellas to come on in and let off some steam. Just one rule… Don’t blow it. […]

10 Super Albums From The Rolling Stone 500

Jimi Hendrix Experience made the Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums.

No way I would sit here and give a stoned observation on the Rolling Stone 500 greatest albums released yesterday. But, this will be more than a snazzy, nostalgic, good time to go balls deep through. What a fucking time. I could give a rat’s ass about figuring out which album goes where or what […]

HTM Undressed 121: Brown Bag Deal

HTM Undressed 121

After fully embracing Burger King on HTM Undressed 121 last night, things started to take a fast food turn for the worst. An ole fools mistake would be proper to label this common experience. Before that, it was just a honest reaction to a great value. The Timeline The advocacy show for BK’s brand new […]

Weenie Wednesdays – Who Dat Dogs

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week and we surely ain’t talking beans. Time for me to serve up Weenie Wednesdays – Who Dat Dogs edition. I’ll be completely honest with you. I had no intentions on knocking out a blog today as I’m still not over Monday evening. I have a really bad, bad, […]

Trainwreck’s Biggest NFL Headlines: Week Two

Week two of the NFL season is in the books, and boy was it a a doozy. The biggest take away from week two? A couple preseason games were definitely needed. The injury bug was alive and well. More on that in a minute. Week two of the football season provides more clarity of what […]

RB&R Day: Verti Marte

RB&R Day: Verti Marte

Tradition made a stop on Royal at ole Verti Marte for a change of pace. Can’t brush these cats off when it comes to superb local grub. I didn’t think it would be one of my 30 spots on RB&R Day. Just being honest. Every single time I’ve went to Verti it’s been the Philly, […]

NolaSportsHub’s Keys To The Contest: Week 2

Last week, the Saints got off to a great start. While the offense did not look amazing, the defense and special teams looked great. Tom Brady and the Bucs looked completely inferior to the Saints. In week 2, the Saints are in Las Vegas to take on the Raiders in their new stadium. Here are […]