If Jake Paul Knocks Out Tyron Woodley, Expect Pure Arrogant Chaos

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Jake Paul Knocks Out Tyron Woodley, Expect Arrogant Chaos

What’s gonna happen if Jake Paul knocks out Tyron Woodley on August 28th? Just 10x more Paul fuckery on social media, that’s all. He’ll tell ya all about it.

“who should I retire next?”

You can take it as an entertaining thing or as something that will just fucking suck to see on ya newsfeed. Tyron lost his last four fights in the UFC before getting released, but there is no doubt that Woodley poses the biggest threat yet for JP.

Recent Woodley loss against Vicente Luque.

His chin looked A BIT suspect during those fights and that is what worries me when looking at wagering on this fight. At 39 years old, Woodley can still just come out and throw incredibly strong haymakers that will send Paul to hell. If ya know, ya know.

But, Jake Paul is the better boxer. He’s the quicker fighter, and can really lay a dude like Tyron Woodley out. It’s factual, believe it.

Where It Started

Woodley was in Ben Askren’s corner for his fight against Jake Paul last month. Prior to the fight, Woodley and the Paul team engaged in some very juicy verbiage. JP’s cornerman and fan boy, J’Leon Love seemed highly confident that he was levels above Tyron in throwing hands.

Pure disrespect towards Tyron Woodley.

Although Askren got completely fucked over by Paul, Woodley left that night feeling disrespected by these bumble bee groupies.

Woodley responds today, June 1st to the fight that has been confirmed.

About a month later we arrive to a confirmed bout in August between the former UFC champ and the YouTube champ. Woodley says he wants smoke and he’s most likely bout to get an arena full.

Both will make a fuck ton of money and….

instant thoughts.

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