Illegal Downloading Softwares We Will Forever Remember

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Throw the i-Phone out the equation and anything remotely attention grabbing as we travel back to a time when illegal downloading softwares were taking over the world. Didn’t matter what ya core values were as a human, it was hard to pass up free music and movies at such a stone age time. In 1999, the times started to change.

  • Family Guy starts
  • SpongeBob starts
  • Jordan retires
  • Star Wars re-boot happens
  • Cher’s “Believe” is the top song out
  • Super Smash Bros thriving

Then Came Napster

The dude “Sean Parker” from Social Network, remember? Yep, he and another Shawn really did create the beast known as Napster.

Peer to Peer sharing is what the wave was called. Originally created in 1999 to allow users to share their music in mp3 forms all over the world. We all know that isn’t exactly what transpired.

What that really meant was:

  • search the song
  • burn the disc

That idea took the fuck off and next thing ya know folks were leaking songs from every era in music history. Metallica and Dre got pissed as fuck, sued Napster for everything they had and eventually Napster was bought by Rhapsody or some shit. Napster lasted an iconic three years and was then centralized, done.

If ya ever see DCMA notice on a video you published that contains music? Just know Metallica fucked that all up for ya. Can’t even be in the fucking grocery filming a video if “I could walk a thousand miles” is playing in the back. DCMA is the reason my original HTM twitter was suspended forever.

That doesn’t take away the fact that Napster was the pioneer to public music sharing and purchasing. The idea of how we buy music today is just a legal spin off of what Napster was doing at the time.

But, they weren’t the only ones who will be remembered forever.


The brave souls who went after the illegal dream by utilizing BitTorrent in the most illegal of ways. Idc who ya were or what ya stood for, ya probably have downloaded music on Limewire before. We never knew what we were really downloading, but hoped the song was fucking there.

It was the go-to and we all knew it was illegal, but times were just not tech savvy enough to really shut it down quickly.

It took years before Limewire was finally shut down by the RIAA, but we don’t forget. Thank you for all those viruses and fake files that we were able to cope with for the ultimate goal.


This one was unique. Kazaa just didn’t give a fuck and actually lasted a lot longer than many know. The freaky deeky Dutch are responsible for this one and actually the guys who created Skype, bought Kazaa in 2001. Supposedly, there is still a few thousand folks fucking around with the unauthorized versions of Kazaa and the old network in general.

HTM Undressed 258
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I have no fucking clue how or how big the balls are on these folks as Kazaa paid over $100 million in reparations to the recording industry. I remember watching full blown motion pictures on Kazaa. All these dudes tried to re-create something once the free ride was over, but it never worked.


is pirate bay still running? lol
  • BearShare
  • Frostwire (Limewire Ally)
  • PirateBay (movies)

The three above should not go unnoticed in the game of illegal streaming. I have a feeling that we will need these folks again one day soon since we can’t even watch our own local basketball team.



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